60KHz only on Acer AL1916W LCD at 1440x900?!?!

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Mar 9, 2006
  1. Okay, I bought an Acer AL1916W widescreen 19" LCD. It had dropped in price and was $330 CDN. The only thing I can really say I notice beyond how WIDE it really is when sitting in front of me, I had to search for the drivers and even then found just a 8kb file. Are there any proper drivers for this, there was nothing on the CD save a multiple language readme exe and adobe reader. I want to be sure I am doing this right. Also, the native resolution 1440x900 only gives me the option of 60KHz refresh. It seems rather harsh after running 85KHz/CRT for so long. Is there anything I can do to get a better refresh?? I may be nitpicking, but the font does have a slight appearance of a typewriter ribbon losing it's ink. Overall I am happy so far, but I guess like everything, there's a few things that "could be better" ?!?! A lot of pics are also pixelated.....very much like either much bigger res or cheapass vidcard. It all comes down to refresh rate now. Any way of keeping the widescreen aspect and still get 85KHz on desktop and games ?? I know nothing other than the very basics of setting up a monitor.
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    Refresh rates don't really matter on an LCD, mine has 60,70 or 75Hz @1280x1024. The only way to see if you can set it higher is to get the correct driver for the monitor. As for the font, check that you have Cleartype turned on: display properties>appearance>effects.
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    Thanks. I did not know about the cleartype font setting. HUGE difference...looks much better now. WHEW, one thing down. I guess maybe it's getting familiar with the new monitor as well. Another question that has cropped up since last night. After installing a new monitor, is it a good idea to reinstall vid drivers?? I got a system lockup during a game last night that I hadn't gotten in quite some time. May be coincidence, but just wondering. Next post will be about setting my x800xl up to the digital satellite cable to watch TV on here......first things first though. thanks again
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    al1916w issues

    :) howzit? (this is our slang in south africa for hello and how is it going - all in one)

    i have recently purchased an acer al1916w widescreen, very lovely compared to my CRT 17inch MAG - so much more physical deskspace and workspace onscreen.

    With regards to games, i cannot load doom 3 anymore - it comes up with an error right in the beginning, i will however get the latest drivers for my g/card and see if that works, with regards to the drivers for the monitor, it seems as if there are none that really help once installed, to be able to fiddle with extra settings for the monitor.

    i have loaded GTA 3 & Call of Duty 2 and they are awesome on this screen

    anyways i'm running a 128mb fx5500 g/card - i do not know if this is too slow for me to keep the clear crisp state of 1400 x 900 resolution - which i do sort of get under 'settings', but the top left corner of the screen when you view it closly seems to 'shake' i have not checked the right side (i'm at work at the moment) - it is the same sort of thing when i used to have a too high resolution with a too high refresh rate set on my CRT... i set a lower refresh rate and it would sort it self out, but on this new LCD - there is only the option of 60 or 59 refresh... and i do not want to go to a lower resolution

    any ideas if this is caused by my g/card?? maybe i need to upgrade to a 256mb??
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    To sufficiently run Call of Duty 2, you're going to need at least a half of gig of RAM. One gig is a lot better.
    As far as the graphics card goes, many of the newer games state on the box that they support the GForce 5 series cards, but the performance is really lousy with them.
    I've also noticed that many games run irratically with a 128 meg card. When Civ IV came out, I was running a GForce 5700 ultra, which was only 128. As the game progressed, it would lock up or crash to desktop. I had to swap my card for a 256 meg GForce 6600 GT. That solved the problem.
    Right now, I'm running a PNY Verto GForce 7600 GS with 512 megs of onboard chip memory. The performance and quality in this mid range card was enough to justify swapping out the 6600 GT, which was really only about 4 months old.
    That's not to say that all 512 meg onboard memory cards are good. You have to be careful and ensure they support pixel shader version 2.0, along with a PSU of at least 450-500 watts.
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    Oops! almost forgot, since it's a widescreen, the monitor manual should state what resolution it runs best at (Windows desktop setting, not game). Not all older video cards support higher resolutions. I also just added a 20 inch MAG widescreen, which calls for a desktop setting of 1440x900.
  7. sghiznaneck

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    Also, ensure that the refresh rate in Windows matches the refresh rate called for by the manufacturer of the monitor. Windows should automatically detect the plug and play device or it wouldn't operate.
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