6600GT not Performing

By GRunyon
Nov 20, 2005
  1. 6600GT not Performing *FIXED*

    After transferring everything into my new case, my GeForce 6600GT AGP is only performing at 31,000 in aquamark 3 when it used to get a score of 51,000 easily. I cant find the problem. I keep switching around how I have it set up as far as power goes, which fixed it last time, but i still cant get it to work right. I also noticed that because of this, my computer wont play video :angel: . Thanks. Any suggestions?

    I installed my mobo chipset drivers (IS-7). it works perfect now! I guess XP dosent come with them, ohh well.
  2. GRunyon

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    ohh thanks for everyones help. NOT
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