7" Samson AV Monitor Connection

By chucksharp
Jun 11, 2004
  1. I have a 7" Samson AV LCD color monitor that I am trying to find out what the pin outs are. I have checked with the manufacture on three occasions and there is no response. I have a picture of the three pin connectors and the colored wires, but no clue as to what type of connection I will need, (i.e. s-video, rca jacks, etc.). My plug has been damaged and I am not even sure what type of a connection it was.
    The three pin connectors are all in a row. The first is two pins, a black and a red wire. The second is a five pin connector, red, black, yellow, black, and white wires. And the third is also a five pin connector with only three wires, white, space, space, black, and red. (Connectors and wire positions are all from the left running to the right). I am hoping to find out enough information so that I can figure out how to install an s-video or rca plugs so that it can be attached to a mobile dvd player. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chuck
    I tried to attach the picture, but the file is too large.
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