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By theschnouz
Apr 12, 2007
  1. i recently installed a zalman vf900-cu fan on my xfx 7600gt. the zalman has a 3 pin connector (with black, red, and white wires) as opposed to the stock fan which has a 2 pin connector (with black and red wires only). so i currently have the fan plugged into the mobo by way of a 3 pin case fan connection. i was trying to adjust the gpu fan speed, but it did not seem to want to work. i was wondering if this was being caused from the fan being plugged into a case fan connection. and if so, i was looking to find out what the white wire of the zalman was to see if i could mod the connector to plug into the 2 pin connection of the gpu.
  2. kitty500cat

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    What colors are the wires of the fan?

    With a case fan that I bought, it has an adapter to molex, in case you don't have enough case fan connectors on your motherboard. The molex adapter, however, uses only two wires. You might be able to figure out which two are essential and then just remove the nonessential one and modify the plug to fit.

    You could also use SpeedFan to change the fan speed if you plug it into a case fan connector. That's what I use, and it's pretty cool.

    Regards :)
  3. theschnouz

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    what i was looking to do was remove (as long as it's not necessary) the white wire of the zalman by modifying the connector to plug in only the black and red wires. so i was trying to figure out what the white wire is, and just to make sure excluding it would not compromise anything.
  4. kenm

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    The white wire should be the sense wire. It is used to sense the speed the fan is running. It shouldn't be necessary to operate the fan.
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