8500 GT and ECS Mobo Compatability Prob?

By m60dude5
Aug 20, 2007
  1. I recently purchased an 8500 GT (EVGA, nvidia) and already had an ECS Mobo (PT890T-A) with a PCI-e slot. After installing the card, I have to boot twice to see any picture. If I don't reboot, the monitor appears to not be recieving a signal. I know it isn't a monitor problem because I have tried several kinds including CRT. So after I reboot, the card is fine and works flawlessly. I have tried two cards, both of the same type (8500 GT). They were both brand new, and I dont think the problem is with them.
    I have installed all of the drivers needed, and the card is seated firmly. I am thinking that it is a compatability issue between the mobo and the card??
    So, if the problem was with my PCI-e card, why would it work upon reboot?
    So far I have: installed the drivers, seated the card several times, changed the BIOS primary graphics card to "PCI-e", and tried several cards.
    Thank you for any help anyone can offer.
    Oh, and if I cant figure this out, is it safe for the system if I simply press the restart button when the computer first starts to boot (BIOS loads, etc.) before windows loads?
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