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87 D100 Need major help here PLZ

By ladagosta
Sep 19, 2007
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  1. Okay this PU was running fine until putting a tankof premium in the other day since then it began to stall.. replaced plug wires. ari filter fuel filter cap and rotors.

    still stalls when trying to excelerate... replaced fuel pump added low voltage electric fuel pump.. 2.5-4.5 pressure...

    still stalls when trying to excelerate
    the tank has been blown out clean and all lines..
    still stalls when trying to excelerate..
    beginning to get frustrated with this one.

    even emptied thefuel out thinking it was fouled somehow, and bought more premium still stalls when excelerating...

    replaced most of the fuel lines with rubber hose thinking maybe rusty lines??
    still stalling with exceleration...

    ANYONE Else here run into this or have any suggestions.. I know it has to be something stupid.. running out of ideas..

    even cleaned the carburator out
    still stalls on exceleration...

    every general thing has been done on this to remedy the issue but still seems to BITE THE DUST when you try to drive her...
    idles fine for the most part... even goes in reverse.. but try getting this b-- to go forward is utterly impossible...

    open to new thinking on this line......
    please anyone...
    almost seems like a stubborn mule that you can't get to move...
    HELP anyone???!!!!
  2. johnnyk051978

    johnnyk051978 TS Rookie

    do you have coil packs or distributor? if coil packs one or more might be bad almost any parts store can check for free, if distributor have you checked timing
  3. ladagosta

    ladagosta TS Rookie Topic Starter

    now I am beginning to wonder

    okay now here I will tell you that I am relaying the mechanics troubleshooting. I am not the one working on it, but I used to work on autos many years ago until I became disabled.

    Mechanic tells me that there is no OBD for this veichle;
    which there should be since 86...

    mechanic told me that this is a throw-away carburetor.
    the carb is the original carb for that truck type - H-1 model 1945 carb # 4306460
    told me it can't be the timing cause it is running..

    I know that it can be the timing causing erractic idle,...and bad mixture to carb which might make it seem like the carb..

    ready to pull the truck out.. it is my sister's truck and we have owned it since new ...

    I think the guy is trying to get my truck to give to his brother for cheap...
    we are going over there tomorrow to pull OBD ....

    mechanic tells us the truck should be in the graveyard.. and he has spent enough time on it troubleshoooting,...
    now this guy has been descent to our family up until now I am doubting his intentions,. his brother is always asking about the truck...
    thank you for any help
  4. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,096   +418

    On a carbureted vehicle having trouble accelerating you should check the accelerator pump. Look down the carb, manually operate the accelerator and see if you get a squirt of fuel for the full range of the stroke. While you are looking at the carburetor, check all vacuum lines connected to the carb as well as those going directly to the intake manifold.

    While the accelerator pump sometimes can be fixed separately, depending on the carb, you probably should rebuild or replace the whole thing.

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