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By matace50 · 13 replies
Jan 2, 2008
  1. I recently installed a evga 8800 GT in my computer and i am a little concerned about if it is running too hot (playing games like crysis). How can you tell the temperature of your card? I've also heard there is a way to increase the fan speed of my card. Does anyone know how?
  2. Didou

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    the nVidia drivers used to show you the GPU temperatures within the nVidia control panel. It now seems you need to install nTune (*) to see those readings.

    *: this is a download link at the nVidia website.
  3. vegasgmc

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    You do have to install nTune. Mine max's out at 150* in every game except for Crysis where it hits 175*.
  4. RangerXP

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    I just got exact same card and downloaded the info needed from the nVidia icons in the control panel. Once downloaded just click on the arrows at bottom right of small window to bring up rest of info for temps. I don't know squat about computers but I don't think you can control the fan speed with this.

    Am I wrong guys?
  5. matace50

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    i heard a widely known program called rivatuner could control the temps. Thats what i was hoping someone could tell me about
  6. Didou

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    You can't control the temps, at most your VGA card lets you control the fan speed manually (via a slider on the side of the card for example) or via software like Abit's µGuru. It's generally a good selling point so if it wasn't advertised for your card, it probably doesn't have that feature.

    If you feel the card is getting too hot, you can always replace the heatsink/fan (& lose the warranty in the process) with something like a Zalman VF900 or VF1000 or other aftermarket solutions.
  7. kpo6969

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  8. matace50

    matace50 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 29

    thank you all
  9. Bigfellla

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    You will need to update your cards bios (EPROM) via the manufacturers website. THere is a well know problem with 8800GT where the fan remains on 29% in auto. This is a problem between non-nvidia chipsets/mobos and the card.

    Look here: http://www.evga.com/support/drivers/

    Look under Graphics Cards / GeForce 8 Series / BIOS Updates.
  10. tastegw

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    would it help to install a pic slot dual 70mm fan right next to it?

    i have one and it creates really good direct airflow, but its not blowing on a 8800gt at the moment.


    15 bucks at newegg, 12 bucks at zipzoomfly(but i cant recomment this place) and 20 bucks at tigerdirect.
  11. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    "This is a problem between non-nvidia chipsets/mobos and the card."

    The problem is with all cards, regardless of chipset/mobo.

    "would it help to install a pic slot dual 70mm fan right next to it?"

    2c-3c decrease in temps but it should exhaust, not blow airflow on the card.
    The single-slot design means you need to get the heat out of your case.
    Dual-slot cards exhaust the hot air, single-slot does not.
  12. Bigfellla

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    No, its refined to cards that run on non-nvidia motherboards. nTune and the like cannot communicate sufficiently. You need to update bios. Thats the solution.

    A 2 - 3 oC change is like farting into the wind. The thermo-sensor has a tolerance lower than that. IF you are going to put a 70mm fan in there, it SHOULD drop the temp more than 10oC. BUT it will make a hell noise. The bigger the fan, the less noise generally. The card is fine. Update the bios.

    Mine idles at below 40oC and peaks at about 75oc. This is normal for this Gen2 card with the architecture it has.

    Trust me, update your bios, and the fan will do the rest.
  13. sghiznaneck

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    tastegw hits the mark. The only way to cool a gfx card is to install a pci fan. The 8800's (regardless of what flavor) run at extremely high temps when taxing them in 3D ops, especially when all the settings are cranked up. Another factor are the games that you are playing. CoD4 and Crysis are the biggest culprits when it comes to high temps. Since I upgraded to an AMD AM2 4200+ (and now upgraded to a 6000+) I'm running a pci fan for my gfx, along with a 120mm fan I placed on the back panel for exhaust and it still isn't enough. My ASUS M2N32-SLI board uses copper heat dissipators along with a board fan, but that still isn't enough. I've just ordered a Zalman CNPS 9500, and hope that it drops the temps of the processor at least 5 degrees celcius or more. The 6000+ plus runs about 5 degrees higher than my older 4200+. If that doesn't work, guess water cooling is the next step. Temps in the 50-55 degree celcius range aren't critical (I run PC Probe 2), but it does cut down on the life of the hardware. Idling, my board runs at 35-37 celcius and the gfx runs at 40-45 celcius, BUT when I play games like CoD4, Crysis, Bioshock or Company of Heroes, the temps really start to climb. Of course I max everything out, but isn't that what an XFX 8800 GTX is all about?
  14. kpo6969

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    Listen Bigfella,
    1. Those 2 statements were from other's who had made in this thread and I replied.
    2.I don't need advice how my card performs, which is fine
    3.I use a pci-slot fan, 2 x 80mm Scythe Minebea silent case fans, and a Zalman VF900 cooler on my card. Very quiet.
    4.Anyone who uses Ntune over RivaTuner is only asking for problems.
    5.My card idles @ 40c and 57 @ load

    Thanks for the tips but I'm fine where I'm at. You have any specs to share (and validate your statements)?
    Best of luck to you.
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