9600XT problems, any suggestions?

By monton
Dec 28, 2004
  1. System
    MB Shuttle an35n Ultra 400 nForce 2
    Supports AGP 4x/8x, adjustable voltage 1.5 and 1.6 or auto
    Enermax 380w PS
    Barton 3200
    512 Mushkin Dual Channel DDR
    2 80gig maxtor drives
    fresh install XP Pro w/SP2

    Installed 9600xt and system booted fine. Loaded latest drivers from ATI. Games looked better, smoother detail etc. I would then have spontaneous reboots, at any given time, even if not doing anything. Sometimes screen goes blank, just black but still in windows. Sometimes boots with screen so dim I can barely read it and will hang at XP logo. When I get into MOHAA can get beautiful graphics but will lock, go black, or reboot. Sent card back to dealer for replacement. Reinstalled my old faithful Radeon VIVO 64MB DDR card - works fine.
    Received new 9600xt, installed and system won't boot. MB has a warning LED that lights when a 3.3v card is installed - it goes on when power is turned on and prevents the system from starting. (before installing this card I uninstalled the Radeon drivers and set the AGP voltage to Auto.) Any suggestions? Is this a compatibility issue or bad cards? Thanks for any help.
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