9800 pro graphics problem during game play

By aopnyc
Nov 23, 2004
  1. hey whats going on i have a problem with my braphics. i am getting green lines going up and down my screen while waiting for a board to load on games like MOH. then when the board is loaded the green lines go away and the shapes become all different color pixels. i have already downloaded the newest driver for my radeon 9800 pro. what could this be can anyone help?

  2. Pelsdyr

    Pelsdyr TS Rookie Posts: 26


    Try Deliting ServicePack2 is you have it innstaled..
    (Its at least a Try:D)
  3. comper

    comper TS Rookie


    Is your video card a Saphire by chance? I have a saphire 9800 pro 256 and Doom was my passion until my card started crashing non-stop in that game. If you have a saphire, maybe we can work through a solution together!
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