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Mar 15, 2002
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  1. I dont know much about the people around here so i figured I should introduce myself:

    I am originally from Iran but I live in Arkansas. I am currently a senior at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville studying electrical engineering.
  2. boeingfixer

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    Hey prashidi,

    Good idea for a post.

    My name is Scott. Currently I work for a large major airline in the Atlanta, GA area. I am an Aircraft Maintenance Tech. by day and a computer tinkerer by night.

    I play bass guitar for our church worship team and love it. I like alot of different music from big band to hard rock.

    I also agree with you about 3DS. I only started posting after I had read thru some of the forums and posts and this is probably the best site I have found.

    Keep up the GREAT work 3DS Gang !!
  3. boeingfixer

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    Hey prashidi,

    Guess you and I are the only ones brave enough to post here huh ??
  4. prashidi

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    lol, I suppose so. :eek:
  5. Arris

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  6. SNGX1275

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  7. ToRN

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    I can aswell c/p my info

    [posted on old forum]

    Nicolas "ToRN" Van Geluwe
    Software/OS moderator

    I am 21 years old and live, study, work in Ghent, Belgium. I'm graduating in journalism this year after a 3-year study. Appart from school I am a way too busy man.

    I am starting a new company with a revolutionary concept of building and selling PC (sssshhhhtttt, it's still kind of secret). ToRN Systems will try to make a difference in system engineering, customershelp and webdesigne. It is all in an early stage compared to what it is supposed to be, but it is a very demanding job.

    I also work for PC Gameplay as a game-critic. It's not a big magazine, but the most important in Belgium and Netherland in my eyes. With 500000 pieces sold every month we are proud to be the only magazine around that can survive without any advertiser. I think this is an added value to the 'inter-subjectivity' of the magazine.

    Furhter on I try to check out 3DS and do some moderation, but with my timeschedule it is very hard. Nevertheless I do as much as I can and I hope I can be an added value to the site.

    I'm also a driver and have the oportunity to drive around in very nice, fast and expencive cars without buying them or pretending to buy them :).

    I try to help my father out in his company and do some administrative work there. Once in while I work as a steward on fairs (latest was steward at Audi on the car-fair in Brussels.)

    Last but not least I have a girlfriend which I concider as a full-time job also .

    I started with PC in the (recent) 386 era. I first opened the PC and wet my pants when putting in a gamecard at 12 years old. Since then I only bought bad PC's I had to fix until I build my own PC. That's how I got involved in PC assembly.

    Main interest are IT, science, ... (what you can find on /. :). My computer knowledge is basicly hardware oriented, but I tend to keep informed about the rest around it. I just love movies and only move my legs on true Drumm and Bass. Intelligent electronic music makes me think and I have my tought on about everything you can imagine.

    [/posted on old forum] :p
  8. Butterball

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    Im a 18 year old high school student in boise idaho. my hobbies include CS,DOD, RTCW, QIII, and so forth.

    i currently have my A+ certification for Comtia and am taking classes for my MCSE and thinking about taking the Net + test once i get another job.

    I drive a 1988 Buick Riviara it looks like an old granny car but has a touch sreen interface in the dashboard for lots of fun

    well i think that is it.
  9. truffles

    truffles TS Rookie Posts: 33

    Hi, my name is Truffles. I am an asian eleven year old little boy. I speak english, chinese, and a little bit of french (hehe). I am not very tall and have a skinny body structure. I have great interest in computers and frequently expanding my knowledge. I spend a lot of time on the computer on message boards and talking on instant messenging services. I wear small glasses . . . and size 2 shoes. I have a lot of black hair. I like wearing pants and shirts. I am a normal human . . . i take a bath and brush my teeth x2 a day. I like to eating pizza and sushi. I like to play games: ranging from console to pc platform. umm . . . I live in Vancouver, British Columbia . . .

    thats a short biography about me =)

    TRUFFLES :blush:
  10. svtcobra

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    I thought I posted this here before:

    Matt Chapdelaine

    I am a 26 year old sales manager for a major computer manufacturer. I have a BA in Psychology. My screen name is derived from my most favorite car yet that I have owned, a 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra. I sold it in the spring of 2000 for a BMW. Nothing can replace a Mustang Cobra.

    I began my journey into computers with my Apple IIGS back in 1987. From there I upgraded to a Compuadd 386sx 16mhz which boasted a 20mb HD and a whole megabyte of memory. Armed with that beauty I headed into college with one of the fasted computers in my dorm. After spending 250.00 on an Intel external 14.4 modem I found the magical world of BBS. Castle Wolfenstein was my first FPS endeavor. With an 8 mb memory upgrade I could play Doom. Prodigy, Compuserve than AOL is what gave me my introduction to the internet. Here I am today 10 years later..
  11. MrGaribaldi

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    21 y.o male from Norway...

    Got into computers when I was 6-7 y.o., as my best friend's parents had an 8086...

    Got hooked in 3 days...

    Studying at University Of Oslo. Currently taking a mandatory philosophy course (for the second time...), though I have no idea on what I'm going to study after that...

    I'm on the board of the local conservative youth movement, and are very acitve there... Which is the reason I'm not going to study abroad for another year at least.... (Depending on how far up the ranks I go, the longer I postpone studying abroad)

    Spends way too much time each day in front of ths 'puter, and on this board...

    I drive a 1989 Saab 9000i, and have an old Volvo 144 from 1973.

    And I just love alcohol... :D
  12. Spliffmeister

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    Hi all

    I'm Leon, rom Manchester, England and yes you guessed it, I spend far too much time stoned infront of my 'puter. I am an Apps and Systems trainer for a small company in Manchester. When I'm not tinkering and getting stoned, I play a lot of CS and watch Manchester United whenever I can.


  13. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Mictlan of the Aztec
  14. Goofy Newfie

    Goofy Newfie TS Rookie Posts: 199

    re: about me

    My name is ALbert, and I am a 32 y/o university student in Newfoundland, Canada. I am recently married, and upon graduation am planning to move with my new bride to Nova Scotia. I am not much of a tecchie like most of you guys. I actually use my PC mostly for work, so I don't have a killer rig. I am drawn to this forum mainly because you get a friendly answer to your questions(most of the time).
  15. XYZ359

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    My name is David and I'm 14 years old. I haven't recieved a degree yet but, I'm a website designer, graphic designer, programmer, and scripter. I was born in Georgia but now I currently reside in Tampa, FL. Oh, and don't ask about my screename...it's a very long and complicated story and I don't feel like typing the whole thing up. (It's also something I don't like to discuss. It's personal.)

    I'm also trying to get a job on the internet and I'm not planning to work at a McDonalds. My website is www.xyz359.com. It's also not completed because I'm clueless on what to make it about. I'm gladly open to suggestions.

    Also, this is my father's PC but I mostly use it (it's basically mine). It's not the best, but, whenever I can convince him to upgrade, it's all good.

    Finally, I just love posting on this forum because all I get is nice people, nice and intelligent replies, it's active, and moderated greatly by the people who run it! I just love it.

    (I spent all day on it today.)


  16. MYOB

    MYOB TS Rookie Posts: 492

    I'm Cian, 15. I've been using PC's since I was three, but my speciality is the Hardware side, which is why I use this place for my software problems. I live in Ireland. I support Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. and Jordan Formula One. I own two slowish PCs, maily because i buiklt them out of special offer parts. I am among the group of Microsoft haters who use Windows (XP) because of the lack of Software for other OS's, though I have BeOS and a Palm 3XE. Thats about it, really!

    I also spend a lot of time working on my sporting websites, links to WERE are in my signature.... D'OH... need to fix that
  17. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993

    My name is Yung Tzen. I am an "overseas" chinese. I wear a thick pair of glasses thicker than most of you people out there if you have a pair.

    Been here since August 2001.

    Aged 15. Had my first pc when i was twelve( hey man, i m not that lucky like you guys out there).

    No certificates(I m not a genius).
    Learn some window tricks by myself by crashing the PC alot of times.

    I am attending Form 5 (11th Grade) this year & facing the 'O' Levels very soon.
    My computer knowledge is much of hardware oriented.

    I enjoy alternative rock, nu metal, dance music( i m a bass freak) but hates pop.
  18. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Quite a lot of people have joined since the last post here..
  19. PHATMAN5050

    PHATMAN5050 TS Rookie Posts: 593

    My name is Zach. I'm 16 and live in Paradise Valley, AZ. When I get my license in a week i'll be driving a White 2000 Toyota Camry XLE V6 fully loaded. I enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new people. Of course I like anything having to do with electronics or computers. I also spend most of my time on the board or the IRC channel talking to people about anything and everything. I like modding cars and listening to the music, especially at the same time. I'm going to be a Junior at Chaparral High School. Well that's all i can think of at this time.
  20. TS | Crazyace

    TS | Crazyace TS Rookie Posts: 275


    I happen to work for an airline also :)

    I'm a GSE mechanic

    Hmm. Guess I should spill some beans. 29yrs old, guitar player, dirt bike rider (kx250), street bike rider (cbr600 - just sold), scuba diver (just love the florida keys), skier (mostly vermont), surfer (sebastian beach FL), computer geek, xbox player, jack of all trades, and father (3)
  21. cabrone

    cabrone TS Rookie Posts: 153

    My name is kevin, im 16 , i live in scottsdale, az. I used to be phats neighbor but moved up the street this month. I drive a blue 2000 mercedes benz ml320 (yes i know). I have been a member here for a little over a year, im going to be a junior, and i have 4 (26, 24, 18, 7)brothers and 1 sister (12)...
  22. SleeperDC

    SleeperDC TS Rookie Posts: 184

    my name is Derek Cheung, just turn 19
    i was born in Hong Kong.
    i came to Vancouver, Canada 5yrs ago to study while my family is still in HK.

    i had my first PC 4yrs ago, and started learning by myself.
    now i am a network admin in a small internet cafe

    i am planning to study and get MCSE, MCSA
    my dream is to get CCNA and all the way up to CCIE

    i like playing UT, Warcraft3
  23. RustyZip

    RustyZip TechSpot Paladin Posts: 322


    My names Russell, 34 years old (god, i feel old on here:( )
    Married with 2 lovely screaming children living in Worcestershire, England.

    Computers + (Marriage + Kids) = Divorce
    Well, nearly for me anyway...

    I first started getting intrested in computing when my parents bought me a ZX Spectrum, since then i've had an apple II, Atari ST, Pentium I - 75, now a Pentium III - 500.

    I work for the family buisness selling Window Furnishings & Household Linen - Curtains, Rails, Poles, Blinds, Sheets etc etc...
    Yes i know... Its completely boring:rolleyes:

    So if you want computer solutions - forget it...

    But if want Swags & Tails with matching Pinch Pleat Curtains and Piped Cushion Covers - I'm your man !!!:D :eek:
  24. Elcarion

    Elcarion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 169

    I'm a 31 year old father, married with two children, living in Tampa, FL, and working as a Network Security Colsultant for a major telecommunications carrier. I have a BS in CIS, an MS in MIS, and CISSP certification.

    I first became interested in computers when my dad purchased a RadioShack TRS-80 Model 1 Level 2 in 1980 when I was 9. I quickly learned to program in Basic by troubleshooting, a.k.a. finding the typos in, game programs that I would type in from Softside Magazine each month. I purchased my first computer, a Commodore 64, in 1986.

    In my spare time, I like playing computer games, mountain biking, golfing, and playing acoustic guitar.
  25. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +8

    I'm a 27 year old single guy living in Glasgow, Scotland. I live alone in my flat which I rent myself around the corner from my work.

    I finished my undergraduate degree in 1998 and started work shortly after doing system support for a Scottish University. Primarily today my duties involve desktop support for the staff members and students of the computing department which merged last year with the Electrical Engineering and Physics department to form a larger school.

    We administer a not too bad sized Windows 2000 domain with around 15 servers, some 500 workstations and users in their thousands.

    I specialise in staff support, workstation repair (hardware and software), Linux administration, and just about anything that the place requires that I do. Its a lot of work and a lot of good experience.

    Since the merger I have not enjoyed my job as much as I used to, despite the fact that I have a number of great collegues and friends at my work, many of whom are very skilled computer users, programmers, engineers and PhD research students.

    I am currently studying at night school as well as working full time, doing an academic course which has been created by the university from merging some of the better qualities of the CCNP and MSCE courses and pure computing systems modules. I am hoping after the completion of the course to additionally gain certifications in Cisco and Microsoft and then leave to become a computer consultant.

    Apart from computers I like to watch movies a lot, and am constantly downloading movies from the internet. I am a strong supporter of the free use of Peer to Peer file sharing on the Internet.

    I am not a developer but I do support the philosophy of the Open Source Movement. I believe that Capitalism has hijacked computing science to a certain degree and that its the profit motive which drives computing now not the progress motive.

    I also like to socialise after a long, hard week's work and have a nice cool beer with friends either at home or in the local pub. I also like to spend time visiting my Mum and my two little sisters who are 5 and 1 1/2.

    I found Techspot when it was 3dSpotlight. I think it was the result of a Google search I did which brought me to a thread, and I started to post on the forums there. About one year later I was made a moderator. I won one of the previous 3DS contests (prize was a motherboard.) I spend a little time here each day.

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