A Blonde with a dead vaio

By carolescott@sbc ยท 16 replies
Nov 19, 2006
  1. Hi there techspot people. I found this site, while pulling my hair out, looking for an answer as to why my 2 year old Sony Vaio VGC RA710G desktop died. No lights, no nothing. Someone said it's my power supply; someone said I left it on constantly and it fried. If anyone knows why and the cost of repair (since I cannot figure out more than how to turn this thing on) would you let me know? I'm typing this from a Macbook I bought a few weeks before my Vaio conked out. I'm crazed about this and also wonder if I've lost all the stuff in my Vaio? I thank you for any advice you might have and please be as user friendly as you can. I can tell you how to apply mascara and not much else. thanks.
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  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    It looks like an ordinary desktop PC to me (in Amazon), so replacing the power supply unit might help.

    It would help to pinpoint the problem if you could open the case and check if there are any leds blinking or if fans spin a bit when you turn on the power.
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    More than likely your data isn't gone. So even if replacing the power supply doesn't fix it you can buy an external hard drive enclosure and put your hard drive into it (its actually very simple to do) and hook that up to a computer through USB.
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    And the Blonde THANKS you all

    I want to thank you all for your help and I'm much calmer now, because of it. Tonight I'm taking the little desktop to a friend who has a friend....ya know. I will let you all know if I still have everything intact, as far as my information goes, and again, THANK YOU. You all know about such things and I'm just grateful for finding your site. Have a wonderful day and as Arnold would say, "I'll be baaack". :wave:
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    If you left your system on too long without using a screen saver then you can burnout your monitor. You said no lights come on at all. So you either your power supply went to crap or your motherboard is gone.

    I used to have the exact system you have but I will need to dig for the power supply. if I even have it anymore. I upgraded the VAIO to an alienware
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    Blonde with a dead Vaio

    Thanks for your message. I left my computer on always and it went into a sleep mode and got updates overnight. Some people say it's okay to leave your computer on and some people say not to. I don't know what's best, but I'll turn it off, if that's best. I HOPE my "motherboard" isn't cooked. I guess I'll find out in the next couple of days; after the techie guy my friend knows opens the computer up. Nice Thanksgiving surprise, huh? This Media Center did more than I know how to do, but I guess, if it survives my duh-ness, I'll be back here to ask mondo questions. Really, I'm totally at a loss, but I'm learning.
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    I have left my PC on for 3 months straight with no reboots or turn offs and never had anything burn out on me! :)
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    The PC can stay on, but the display should be turned off. I guess they both were set to go to sleep in this case.

    Furthermore, burn-in isn't a big problem with new cathode-ray tubes (I'm not sure about the latest plasma displays, but that's another matter). Things were different 20 years ago.

    But I don't pay your electricity bills :giddy:
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    Any video cathode-ray tube is subject to burned in images... new or old. Plasma and LCD's have another set of worries. LCD's use a backlight that can "burn out"... Plasma's can loose diodes, little by little
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    HHHHmmmmm...the same has happen to my SONY VAIO!

    A week before christmas, my sony VAIO VGC-RA710G went dead on me. As I was figuring it out, it was traced to the power supply. I think these particular models have pw problems and its probably why they went cheap, instead of recalling them back. (Original price for sony VAio PW are about $140). So I went to the local pc repair shop and found out that they do not repair power supplies. And its the same with othe repair places. This power supply is hard to find since it is a 2 year old model....heheheh. Even in the sony online areas, its hard to find the parts. Today I was able to to find a site that carry these for about $140. Hopefully this will help others.


    Factory Direct
    Price : $140.00

  12. ryantruck

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    I would not pay 140 dollars for that PSU

    I would get a cheaper PSU and modifiy the case if nescessary
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    I am sure you can get one cheaper on ebay. People sell parts all the time.
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    you can send the bad power supply to me if your in the USA. I repair many models for a local shop here. PM me if you wish. There are many things that can go bad with these supplies. Some of these problems are easy and cheap to fix
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    Really strange. The same thing happened to me on Christmas day with the exact same model Vaio. When I turned my computer on Christmas Eve, it said there was a problem with the fan before Windows booted up, but this Vaio doesn't have a fan-it has strange liquid cooling tubes that came with it. Now it doesn't turn on at all. So does this sound like the same thing, a power supply issue? Or is it a problem with the liquid cooling system? What's the best plan for fixing this?
  16. Tmagic650

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    Those aren't liquid cooling tubes, they are heat pipes filled with air. These pipes move hot air or heat away from the processor. Your power supply is bad, just likecarolescott@sbc's Vaio
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    The same thing happened to mine and my boss's. Only my was bought in June of this year.
    My power supply was replaced. It happened when all I did was put the power cord out of the laptop and died right there, not sure how my boss's died. Power supply is a good bet.Hope this helps
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