A couple of questions about Windows OS

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Jan 27, 2006
  1. device driver and driver? Are they the same thing? There is only one type of driver: device driver. Right?

    Windows ME doesn't support 16 bit drivers. So Windows ME does not have Autoexec.bat and Config.sys?

    Start menu and startup menu? I am not sure which is which.

    does anyone know why power management and disk management tools have to be uninstalled when you upgrade your OS to Windows 9x/me or from Windows 9x/me to WIndows 9x/me?

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    More Questions

    Why would you format the hard drive first before you do a clean OS installation? Is this necessary? Probably not.

    You can do a clean OS installation from a remote location on the network. How come you cannot do an upgrade OS installation from a remote location on the network?

    So, the Upgrade Only mode of Windows 2000 Setup is stored in the setup CD? Then, why does my book say it is stored in the C:\Windows directory?

    Why do you have to remove the third-party network software and anti-virus software from your system before you do an upgrade?

    Why does Windows 2000 prefer to handle its own Plug and Play hardware installations without the help of system BIOS? Disable the Plug and Play feature of system BIOS?
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    Ah, you have plenty question, let me try to crack it.

    1. Device drivers and drivers is same, but if you are referring to software and hardware, it is little different. Hardware drivers is used for hardware as long as the hardware is present. Software is used for some of decode/encode and the virtual hardware such as Daemon Tools.

    2. Never, never have the Windows ME installed on your computer, and never, never consider one. This is a terrible operating system Microsoft ever invented, Microsoft dropped that project about few month after too many compliants.

    3. Start Menu and Startup Menu... The Start Menu is a button located at bottom-left that display lot of program and shortcuts for the application you have installed in your computer. Startup Menu is located at Start>(Win9X+2k)Programs, (XP and newer) ALL Programs>Startup>... Startup is used for after the windows finished load the os, it read the startup and run the application that require the auto-run such as anti-virus.

    4. The disk management and power management aren't removed from all the windows system, they are still right in Start>Programs>Accessories> and in >System Tools.

    5. It is generally best idea to have the hard drive formatted so your system would not have to be confused by the device orders. It is best to follow the instruction for the OS. Windows XP and 2000 or newer automatically ask you to format hard drive before installation.

    6. My thought about the remote upgrade is - piracy. Microsoft discontinued the remote upgrades due to the Devil copy (as known as FCKGW and the -640-) So, it is best idea is just have clean installation indicated in #5.

    7. Some manual has written wrongly, it is best idea to investigate yourself with the CD, fooling around with CD until you satifised with your setting or what you have learned.

    8. Anti-virus - that give me chill when you install or upgrade the OS with Antivirus actively working in background. It will serious corrupt the files. It is best idea is to have it disabled before install or upgrade the OS, not remove it.

    9. It is best idea to leave the Bios as plug and play. that way the driver have easy time to identify your hardware and install it. You can only disable the PNP Bios if you have hard time to install driver invidual (Such as Windows ME!)

    Whew, wow, my hand hurts, now have you got all the answer you wanted? I hope so... thank for that questions.

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    2. Unfortuately, in 2001, I upgraded my computer OS to ME from 98 2nd edition after my computer OS crashed and lost all of my data. I went to a local Best Buy and told a tech that I was considering an upgrade to 2000. He suggested ME, and because I had very little knowledge about the computer at that time, I took the bait. I spent like $120 on ME. I still have it. Do you want it? :)) It was basically a junk OS. I crashed several times when I was muti or even dual tasking. Hey, it was still better than the pure DOS. I suppose everything evens out. A year or two later, I obtained a legal copy of Windows XP Pro for only $8.00 through the University Student and MicroSoft Agreement.

    4. Is that the case for all the Windows OSs, 9x/Me and NT/2000/XP?

    6. Piracy? If the upgrade from the network is effected, then the clean install must be effected, too. Right?

    8. How does it corrupt the files? It=Anti-Virus program; the files=the System files?

    9. I guess a lot of things the book says aren't correct? Or just not so practical? an A+ book that is.
  5. bushwhacker

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    2. AHHH! Dont let me touch Windows ME! XD Hey if you still have XP, keep it. :)

    4. ALL Cases for the Windows OS.

    6. Only the microsoft disapprove the upgrade from remote, but accepts the clean installation as long as remote has plenty valid licenses.

    8. I'm sorry for not making clear, If you installing any OS over the active AV (Antivirus for short) and AV will corrupt entire data that come off the CD. It is best idea is just disable it.

    9. Are you okay with PNP?

  6. Spike

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    Oooh - someone tell me about fckgw and the "devil copy".

    I remember from far earlier sdays that pirated copies of XP were often using keys starting with fckgw, and I'm interested to know about this issue now.
  7. bushwhacker

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  8. Spike

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    Nope - it doesn't help me at all., as I wasn't really wondering what a legal copy of XP looks like, I already know.

    No, since you mentioned the infamous FCKGW key in what I thought was regarding to WinME, and mentioned the term "devils copy" I was wondering what the exact history was. As far as I was ever aware, the FCKGW sequnce was the start of only a famous WinXP VLK, and that maybe you were referring to some sort of scandal with regards to a version of windows that MS produces. I didn't realise you were talking about a "Devils own" copy of an os.

    And now I realise that you were actually refering to win2k, which I suppose is no different because as far as I know it was around long before XP, and Win2003 superceded it, thus 2000 is no longer commercially available and hasn't been for sometime (AFAIK), and so I don't see how the FCKGW piracy thing would have affected it.

    I would be VERY interested to know how the FCKCW key came to be known as the "Devils Own" though.
  9. mickzer

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  10. Spike

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    That's great. Thankyou very much - appreciated.

    Nothing to do with a corporate attitude to Global Warming then :rolleyes:
  11. Investors

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    Q and A

    2. XD? Yes, I have two different legal copies of XP. I have to say that XP is a good stable OS. Don't you agree? I am sure this is not the best OS though.

    4. Actually, for NT/2000/XP, you have to go to the control panel, Adminstrator tools, and click on the computer management. Only then you can access the Disk Managment. Power management is also accessed differently in NT/2000/XP. I will be taking the A+ exams in the summer, so I am studying for them now. The Windows 9x/ME are definately different from the NT/2000/XP.

    8. Does it mess up the CD, too?

    9. Yes, I understand the purpose the PNP. This was what made the Windows 95 so revolutionary. Right?

    I see that you live in Ontario, Canada. How is it overthere? I like the Canadians in general. They are nicer. Thanks.


    Drive changing signal wire? What's this? INT13 extensions? What?

    A low-level format tool?

    How do I access Disk Managment Utility? How can I access ScanDisk in XP?

    Single-Step Starting Procedure?
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    Removed lot's of double posts and condensed to single edit.

    Sometimes so many posts with so little content by the same member can be a bit much you know ;)

    Getting to the questions, I shall answer a few...

    There's no such thing as a best OS. Only a most stable OS for the requirements given.

    for XP, merely right click "my computer" and click "manage". Easy as that. Pwer management in XP can be accessed from the power settings on the screensavers tab of the display properties, or from the control panel in classic view. A+ is all well and good, but it's no substitute for experience.

    Is your CD catholic? Seriously though, I don't know what you're referring to.

    Many things made it revolutionary, including Plug 'n Play. Many things also made it awful.



    Disk management utility can me found in the management console, accessable by right clicking "my computer" and selecting Manage. There is no scandisk in XP as such. Run chkdsk /r <drive letter> from the command line.

    Needs a context in which to be asked. Means nothing to me on it's own.
  13. Investors

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    What is Single-Step Starting Procedure? Thank you for answering my questions, Spiky!

    PS: Do I have to know about AMI Beep Codes, Phoenix Beep Codes, and Numeric codes during the POST for the A+ exams? Do you know?
  14. Spike

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    I can't rememeber Investors. I should imagine it might be worth learning the common ones though, as when a computer won't boot, that's an important diagnostic feature.

    as for the "single step startup" I've never heared of and common phrase like that. what precisely is it referring to/what is the exact question?
  15. Investors

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    There are actually sewing machines with floppy drives?

    Heated lap blankets and cup warmers using USB interface? Now this is just silly.
  16. Spike

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    Yes - Modern sewing machines are actually small computers in their own right now. It's not like it used to be - in some respects you could almost consider them to be CNC.
  17. Investors

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    DMA replacement technology?

    DMA is not popular with the newer high speed devices because it is slower. What are the new technologies or methods that replacing DMA?
  18. Investors

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    Drive Letter

    Q: You have one physical drive partitioned into two partitions C and D. You add a second drive and create a primary DOS partition. What will the drive letter of the new partition be?

    A: D

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