a file i cant delete?

By nyr2002nyr
Apr 7, 2006
  1. i have a mpg file i cant seem to delete i was dling some music and got it but i cant get rid of it when you right click on it all the options that come up are

    add to now playing list
    add to play list
    add to sync list
    add to burn list
    open with
    send to...

    ???anyone got any ideas i have tried everything please help

    i have tried re starting
    system restore
    move it and then deleting it
    any ideas will be helpful
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    How about the delete button on the toolbar or the Delete key on your keyboard?

    Are you sure it is a MPEG file and not some malware pretending to be?
  3. nyr2002nyr

    nyr2002nyr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    never mind

    i fixed it finally ty for your help
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