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A font shadow on my LCD ?

By patme
Jul 6, 2005
  1. Hey

    Take a look at my digital shots of my LCD screen.



    As you see there is strange shadow or something like that on the right side of my window. It's visible only at the right side of long text lines like:


    This shadow is moving along with my window.

    My LCD is connected via DVI-D cable.

    Should I get this monitor back to my vednor ? It has 5 days only.
  2. Secondgunman

    Secondgunman TS Rookie Posts: 91

    It maybe the driver...

    it maybe the driver but I am thinking it is just one of the random flaws that come with LCD... that is why alot of people that know what they are realy getting into still use CRT unless space is an issue. I have people calling all the time asking if I work on LCD and I tell them "No I do not work on CRT either ans the cost to do the work is often more then the cost of replacing the monitor as a whole.

    I would look at trouble shooting the drivers and the video card(s) then look for system conflicts if that comes up clean borrow a CRT and see if the problem clears up if it does it was your CRT if not look at a file back-up and then reinstall the o/s and drivers. I can think of a few places that still don't sell LCD out side of order as needed, the have a few floor models and they just tell the customer that they are out of stock and if paid for it can be sent to their home or they can order one and the customer can come buy it at a reduced cost when it comes in.

    Do the tests and look around for driver updates to everything on your system including the minitor Google shadowing+on+my+"name+model and if non of this helps I would just look at getting a CRT to replace it.
  3. patme

    patme TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I checked it on my previous CRT and there is no such issue, I was speaking with an owners of NEC 1970NX and they didn't notice it too. So it sounds like the problem is located somewhere inside my computer/lcd.

    I have checked two cable connections: DVI and D-SUB, and this issue is present in both.

    The strange thing is that I can see this problem only in 1280x1024 resolution (native), in lower ones there is no signs of that shadowing... also I can see this shadow only at some kind of screen fonts like: Fixedsys at size 9, Lucinda Console at size 10 (bigger sizes = no issue).

    Last thing I did was printscreen of display area covered by this shadow/mirror things. Anyway there was no trace of my problem on my screenshots.

    I can't undertsand this, really :(
  4. Secondgunman

    Secondgunman TS Rookie Posts: 91

    Well then I would use...

    Well then I would use a lower resilution maybe the video card cannot handle that res, for the application you are runningyou can get thing wigging out on you depanding in what you are doing and that is not just from LCD but CRT and Plasma aswell. That is what it looks like in your case then Check that your video card is set to support your LCD you will have to read up on them but if it is not your monitor then it is the card, or you know just use a lower res setting and maybe the refresh rate some cards even have a box to tell the vid card you are using an LCD monitor and will test it for best settings.
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