A little more help plz with error popups..

Sep 27, 2005
  1. I constantly receive error messages while online, never offline. Always telling me to go to some update website. Here is one example:

    Window is labeled as Messenger Service

    Message from Windows Update to user on 9/27/2005

    Urgent notice from msoft

    Buffer overflow in Messenger Service Causes unexpected computer shutdown, virus infection and remote code execution

    Affected Software:

    All versions of windows except Millenium Edition

    Your system is affected, download the patch from the address below! First type the url below into your internet browser, then click 'ok'


    I receive different variations of this message, with different urls. I have run spybot, ewido, norton, and ad-aware se.

    Every once in a while, the message says their was an error with the Remote procedure call, then shuts the computer down. I gots no clue what to do.......any help would be terriffic.

    Win xp sp 1
    80 gig hd
    256 ddr-ram
    Compaq presario 6000
    2 ghz Celeron
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