" A network cable is unplugged" loss of internet after adding Fedora 3

By thmandan22
Apr 5, 2005
  1. On my network card I have a "a network cable is unplugged" messege. The cable is plugged in. I first got this messege after installing Fedora Core 3 on a seperate partition. Since it the internet connection didn't work I took Fedora off and Re-Installed Win XP Home edition. I have this running off a router; the router is connected to another PC, running SuSE linux. I had this same problem on the other computer, but I fixed it after installing SuSE and tweeking. (bad luck). I think something got messed up in either the re-sizing of the partition (111gb to 85gb) to make room for Fedora. All I have on the computer now is XP home. I need XP, It is a shame that 3d games dont run on linux, even though I like linux and am using it to type this messege. By the way. I had both of the computers working fine off the same internet connection after i fixed the old one and before i messed up the new one.
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    Does the network link light turn on on the router and the NIC in your computer?
    If not then you have a problem with the cable and/or the hardware. Operating systems, partitions, etc has nothing to do with it.
  3. thmandan22

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    The router light is on when plugged in. I checked to see if it would be on even if the cord wasn't connected to anything and it was off when unplugged (from back of computer). So the router I guess knows it is connected, but it doesn't see it in the DCHP client list. The light in the back of the card usually turned on after I connect the cord. The light is always on; it doesn't respond to the cord with any more than a few orange flashes which soon go back to solid green. I think it is the card to. Maybe try to re-load the drivers. Thank you for responding.
  4. thmandan22

    thmandan22 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 59

    well, the computer gods decided to fix my problem for me. Seems to work now. Thanks for all your help.
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