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By ChoqueTT
Oct 26, 2008
  1. Hi everybody,

    My name is Daniel, I live near Montreal in Canada. I currently work as a sale representant for Telus but I've been seller and technician for a computer service for about a year.

    I have a lot of PCs at home :

    Here's mine :

    MBoard :Asus p5w-dh Deluxe
    CPU : Intel Core2Quad Q6600 overclocked @ 3.00ghz
    RAM : 4go Kingston DDR2 @ 800mhz
    HD1 : WD1600AAJS + WD1600JS in RAID Stripe
    HD2 : WD 320 Go SATA
    HD3 : WD 200 Go SATA
    HD4 : WD 200 Go IDE
    HD5 : White Label 80 Go IDE (Lol !)
    GRAPH : Asus Nvidia 8800Gt 512mb ddr3 with Dual LG Flatron L1953
    Removable : 2x Pioneer 212
    Input devices : Logitech Standard PS2 mouse + Saitek Eclipse 1 KB
    OS : Windows VISTA Ultimate x64 SP1 & MacOSx86 Leopard (Hackintosh)

    I also own a Aspire One A150X :
    CPU : Intel Atom 1.6ghz
    RAM : 1gb DDR2
    HD : 120 Go
    OS : Windows XP Home SP3

    Here are my older PCs :
    CPU : Pentium 4 2.40ghz
    RAM : 768mb SDRAM
    HD : Maxtor 80gb IDE
    Graph : Some old ATI card with a DVI output
    OS : Windows XP pro SP1

    CPU : Pentium III 800mhz
    RAM : 512 Mb SDRam
    HD1 : WD 80 Go IDE
    HD2 : Maxtor 80 Go IDE
    Graph : On Board Intel Graphics
    OS : Windows XP Pro (Corp version)

    And here's my mom's PC which I take care of :
    DELL Dimension E520
    I don't got the full specs with me right now but it's a Intel core2 (E2180 ?) with 2Gb DDR2, Nvidia 7600Gs, 320g HD and Windows VISTA Ultimate 32bits SP1

    Thats it, hope I can get some help & maybe I can share my experiences with you mates and try to help, a little.
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    Hi ChoqueTT :wave:

    Welcome to [​IMG] :grinthumb

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