A new adept

By Kryon Moonspell
Jul 11, 2007
  1. Hi everyone! This is my first time around this kind of boards, so I'll try to introduce myself as best as possible.

    I am Kryon, I am 20 years old, and with an experience somewhat vast on software/hardware. Or at least I thought so, I really can't deal with laptops, so yeah, I kind of discovered these boards looking for some help, but it's a good chance to enhance my knowledge on PCs as well! So I'll most likely stay around :D

    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all!
  2. ITGuy702

    ITGuy702 TS Member Posts: 70

    Nice to meet you Kryon!

    We, by 'we' I mean people in general, may know a lot about some things but we can't know it all. So I think you'll enjoy TS as you can gain quite a bit of knowledge as well as provide help for others.

    Take care and I hope to see more posts from you!
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