A P4 question LGA775 Or Socket 478

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Oct 26, 2005
  1. Exactly as it says at the top: what is the difference and which is better
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Socket 478 is older, and is getting harder to find cpus for anymore.
    Socket 775(or socket "T"), is newer and supports newer cpus.
    If you get a socket 775 with a 945 or 955 intel chipset you can use dual core cpus which are two cpus in one package, which can be nice for serious multitasking.
  3. METH

    METH TS Rookie

    the 478 is older but it is still a good cpu ,MOBOs are alot cheaper for 478's
    If I AM NOT MISTAKEN the 478 will takea dual core i have a 478 3.0 extreme 800 fsb and HT and it shows as 2 processors, there isnt anything you cant do with a 478 that you can do with a 775, but in a couple years that will change
    one thing for sure it is really hard to find PCI express mobos for the 478,, depending on how often you upgrade you might want to just go with a 775, it will be my next rig
    but my 478 is still kicking and very dependable and overclocks nicely

    ** if I am wrong about thinking that if the task mangers and everest read it as 2 cpus that means it is a dual core let me know ,if I am right let me know too
    just cause i aint right too often :confused:
  4. Didou

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    The Socket-478 will not take dual-core CPUs. Most Socket-775 boards won't take dual-cores either, you need to get a very recent board (Intel 945, nForce 4, etc.) to have dual-core support.
  5. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

    Your task manager shows two cpu boxes because your cpu has intel's ht tech(hyperthreading), so it lets one cpu act like two to increase multitasking performance.
  6. swker98

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    if i were buying intel chips i would defintly get socket 775 or t as they call it
  7. Rick

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    Well, general rule of thumb is more pins = betters. Board manufacturers can get more voltage and bandwidth with a larger number of pins. The drawback is a more complicated (and expensive) PCB.
  8. METH

    METH TS Rookie

    ok so just because my cpu has the hyperthreading and shows dual processors
    it isnt a dual core processor right?
  9. Merc14

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    No it is a sigle core which can simulate dual cores to handle tasks that that don't require the full CPU's attention. It synthetically splits the core and runs as two cores calculating two threads of data thereby utilizing 100% of the CPU's power and fimishing the task quicker.Never really caught on as programmers didn't want to perform the complicated task of multithreading their software.

    True dual core CPU's, which are arriving now and actually have two separate and distinct CPU's on one die, suffer from the same problem. The thought is now that both AMD and Intel are going to dual core designs, the software programmers will begin to writhe multithreaded applications.

    Bottom-line is if you want a dual core get a Intel 775 socket with the appropriate chipset (945 or 955 as of now) or a AMD 939 socket any chipset. 2nd quarter of next year AMD will be moving to socket M with 940 pins if you want to wait.
  10. METH

    METH TS Rookie

    thx for clarifiy that for me. I didnt start this thread but it has been a big helpI have a decent rig I built 2 yrs ago around a 478 socket pentium for
    and was a awesome gamer back in the day but since then they have came out with PCI EXPRESS, SLI, DUAL CORE, ECT
    AND after trying the 'LOST COAST' release from steam, where the demonstrate the new HD graphics, I realize that in the future, I wont be able to upgrade my 478 anymore I have pretty much reached the max of its capabilities, and I need to stay on top of whats hot and whats not so I get the most for my money when I build my next gamer, this one has been a great friend, but every dog has its day

    am I slightly of center, because I developed a almost human relationship with my rig? :giddy:
  11. Merc14

    Merc14 TS Rookie Posts: 171

    Lost Coast was a technology demonstrator. Nothing more. In the future games will have many aspects of HDR encoded but in the interests of attracting a wide audience the technology will be stratified to play on many levels of performance capability. AT least IMHO.
  12. Samstoned

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    ther is a small utility software that can split tasking on a hyperthreaded or dual cpu system .I can't remember where I put it or name)getting old is rough(
    I don't use anymore as I up'ed to dual cpu hyperthead
    W2K pro could not use it but XP does
    hyperthread benchmarks don't show improvement for 3d graphics or gaming
    but my encoding time is better now,sony and dvdlab use about 50% I deleted ulead factory eats my machine up
    I don't know why soft dev. did not write for these stuff maybe they knew 64 bit was on the way,now if only the hardware venders can fix the bugs
    cheap as chips ,,,right
  13. METH

    METH TS Rookie

    no doubt the gaming industry wont cut its own throat and make every game demanding the max, but if you are a old gamer like myself, your not happy unless your settings are on ultra high and running smooth as a babys ****,YOU DONT WANT TO MISS A SINGLE PIECE OF EYE CANDY! :bounce: when I tried 'LOST COAST' I HAD A STUTTER! THAT SCARES ME :eek:

    BTW - why did they sensor b-u-t-t ?
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