A post for the Captain


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Captaincranky got a PM off to me and asked me to post this for him. He is having a lot of trouble with the site.

"When I'm NOT logged in I can navigate the site perfectly. When I log in, everything goes to hell on a hand basket. As of now, I can't get past my bookmark on :"News & Comments", save for being able to get to a topic under that heading. (on about the 3rd try to a blank page). If I try to go the the "Forums" listing, Opera simply times out, and returns a ""504 error" saying the site took too long to respond..

I tried to log in yesterday, and it told me I had made "too many wrong attempts at logging in". I waited 5 minutes,exposed my password to verify I typed it correctly and tried again, at which point it told me, I was already logged in."