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Dec 29, 2006
  1. I've been looking for a Canon Pixma iP4000 printer for the cheapest price. I'm trying to stay below $200 preferably. The reason I want this particular printer is that a few months ago it was rated as a Consumer Reports "Best Buy" and also the fact that you can use generic ink cartridges with no problem. Do any of you have a source you would go to to find this printer (I've mostly been using e-bay, but have tried some search engines like Froogle and MySimon), or do you have another suggestion for a great cheap printer that has no problem with generic ink cartridges?
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    you want the cheapness or the printer itself??

    I don't know about **cheap printer that can use generic ink greatly** but i have a suggestion :

    The cheapest method of printing nowadays is not using generic ink cartridges,
    but modified using a so called thin pipe from your printer to a bottle which can be refilled at anytime. I think most of the cities nowadays have this kind of technology and with doing this, you can save more on your budget. But remember, original ink has higher quality and faster drying time, so make sure you get used to it ;)
    If the above method is not available, you can use injection method which is also cheap compared to buy a single cartidge. So your current cartridge will be opened and refilled to full.

    Here is a small pictures about the modification, hope you got an idea from it. :)

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    The IP4000 is no longer produced, but you may find a shop that still has some in stock.
    In the USA, try www.expansys-usa.com, and get the dual-voltage UK-version that they used to import. This includes the CD-printing tray which is not available on US models.
  4. jimflint1

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    Thanks a lot!
  5. Tedster

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    I use generic ink with my Canon all the time. Sometimes though cheap ink will gum the heads. You will then need to soak the print head in an isopropyl alcohol bath overnight if the automatic clean function doesn't work.

    You can buy older printers like this on ebay all the time. Half the time gummed up heads are the reason people are selling them. You can clean them and get it to work for $1.29 in alcohol.

    brand ink is just too expensive. It's also a racket.
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