A quick question about TCB432L.BIN BIOS

By S7eele Rayne ยท 4 replies
Sep 14, 2007
  1. Okay, I have read enough of the posts here to find that most folks despise emachines. I thought I would actually get more access to the deep settings in BIOS but I was wrong. I am also not real well off with the green and I am trying to get one to run for my son to play decent games on (maybe me too).

    Anyway, doesn't have to be real powerful, just decent. From everything I have read on the net and in these particular forums a copy of the TCB432L.BIN BIOS upgrade would go a long way in helping. I have a T3256. Is there anyway to get a copy of this file or am I doing something wrong even by asking for it.

    Well, anyway thanks to the folks I have spoken with so far and I'll be back with my next issue.

    Anything you can do to help find the mentioned BIOS is greatly appreciated.
  2. charmapsyche

    charmapsyche TS Rookie

    This is old, but I still wanted to revive it:
  3. charmapsyche

    charmapsyche TS Rookie

    I found the file and some info, but unfortunately I can't post the link yet...
  4. charmapsyche

    charmapsyche TS Rookie

    I'm about to try flashing this on an Emachines T3025 with the same mobo
  5. S7eele Rayne

    S7eele Rayne TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Would appreciate it if you let me know how it works. I hope I am not showing too much ignorance but is there a reason you cannot post the info? Just wondering and hope I am not creating a problem here. Anyway, thanks for checking the post out and replying. Good luck, I am still running with outdated BIOS and a number of drivers, it is about time to throw in the towel. Keep telling myself I need to build one but can't seem to get around to it.

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