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A weirder noise than click or pop

By Bassmanfox
Oct 19, 2005
  1. So as it goes I built a DAW.

    PENTIUM 4 640 (3.2G)
    2 gigs of Kingston Ram
    2-120g western digital, IDE
    Lite-ON CD burner
    Asus DVR burner
    video Card: ASUS EN6600-TD128 128MB DDR PCI EXPRESS W/TV & DVI
    Antec silent case/380W powersupply

    Purchased myself a new Presonus Firebox, a few good mics, and started using Cubase LE.
    Now the trouble begins. Initially everything seemed fine, but then I started to notice something in the background, something that responded odd to low frequences ie. bass guitar/low synth notes/bass vocals. It doesn't seem to pick it up in a full band setting, or when volume levels stay at normal, it gets worse as a note fades. Its so hard to describe, but in a way it sounds a bit like a glittery "eewweewwwwweeeewww" But its shifts, like a really slow wave. IT IS NOT CONSTANT and mostly likely is not a 60Hz hum, only there when low frequencies come in. It also seems to picks up the mouse movements, especially when using the scroll, it at such a low level and frequency its hard to tell. It does NOT do it when it just plays back mp3 from bands or when I use VSti. ONLY when recording, but also in playback of that recording.

    So I troubleshoot....

    1) It was in the 2 different headphones and the monitors, so scratch them.
    2) Tried a senheiser 421, 2 different rodes condensors, and a shure sm58, nope
    3) I unplugged from my mixer, went direct into presonus, still there.
    4) Download abelton live demo, in abelton and cubase.
    5) Changed from wireless mouse/keyboard, to standard, still there.
    6) removed USB Midi in/out, still there.
    7) Changed Firewire ports, nope
    8) reinstalled Presonus drivers, changed latency, nope.
    9) Borrow the SAME presonus firebox from a friend, nope.
    10) Moved Computer from home to work where we do radio/audio stuff, Nope.

    Please note I did initially have it connected to the internet, but I still got it after if was disconnected.

    I see alot of this stuff about IRQ conflicts, I seem to have none, plus the audio card is outside of that whole area, RIGHT?

    The last thing I can possibly imagine is the computer in someway. Its about 4 months old and I have just mainly been using for VSTi's and such, so I may be "clogged" with whatever?

    I am planning on trying this...

    My only question with that is I was going to reformat the 2 drives that are in there, adding 2 more and creating a RAID setup, but in the first step of that Tweak it says skip the installation of RAID drivers, can I still implement it later on? I am not super familiar with RAID yet.

    Any help or insight before hand on any of this would be much appreciated.

    thanks for anytime you give towards this
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    First off, will the new hdd's be sata or scsi?
    I believe that is the only way to setup raid.
    Will you be installing windows to the raid array?

    As for the wierd buzz in your sound:
    what psu and or power strip?
    Obviously it's the machine if you've moved it's

    What kind of sound card do you use, irq sharing with
    sound card could very well cause a 60hz'ish feed back loop.

    I've had a similar prob on stage with mic's, turned out to be the power
    out let we used for pa sys was ground fault interface on an over loaded circiut.
    Even house sound got it from our board and laptop
    but only on that power plug.

  3. Bassmanfox

    Bassmanfox TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, even the IDE connections on the motherboard are labeled RAID, so I have no real worries about that. The power supply is the Antec one, made for their silent PC cases, its possible its there, I could switch supplies just to see. Lords knows its worth a shot. Yeah I am pretty sure I know what a 60Hz sounds like and to me, this just sound like something else. It's so strange.
  4. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    I hope

    I hope you get the sound sorted.

    As to the raid on your board:
    Serial ATA & IDE RAID
    The onboard ITE 8212F RAID controllers and the Intel ICH6R southbridge provide the complete solution to your RAID requirements on different storage standards. The Intel ICH6R supports RAID 0, 1 and Intel Matrix Storage Technology on 4 Serial ATA ports. For IDE hard disk drives, the ITE 8212F controller provides RAID 0, 1 , 0+1 functionality for two ATA133 channels.

    That is a nice MoBo.
    It may be a little tricky getting the ide raid going but should be well
    worth it!

    I have similar abit IC7-G Maxx II that came with SERILLEL2™ that allowed me to convert ide to sata for raid.

    - Intel® 875P / ICH5 RAID
    2nd Serial ATA RAID
    - 2 channel Serial ATA 150MB/s data transfer rate with RAID function (0) via South Bridge
    - 2 channel Serial ATA 150MB/s data transfer rate with RAID function (0/1) via Silicon Image PCI Chip
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