A64 3400+ Not running at Stock Speeds /w Stock Settings

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A friend bought a 3400+, which is running at 2.4GHz, with the bios being reset to defaults. The CPU is ment to run at 2.2GHz, stock. The FSB is 200, which is also what they say it is in reviews, so thats correct.

11x200 = 2.2GHz
But the multi is at 12x, so its
12x200 = 2.4GHz

This info is all coursity of WCPUID, so I believe its gotta be accurate. Any ideas as to why this isnt running at 2.2GHz?

So its essentially a 3700+ minus the 512kb of L2 cache.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/clues/comments.


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The 3400+ is meant to run at 2.4GHz & has 512KB of L2 cache. The 3400+ which ran at 2.2GHz had 1024KB of L2 cache & is of the older core. Everything is fine.
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