A7N8X and Corsair ram

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Apr 25, 2003
  1. I have just bought a A7N8X motherboard and 2 x 256megs CAS 2 corsair ram
    when the motherboard uses the default CAS timings (7-3-3-T2.5) everything is fine but when i tell it the proper timings (6-3-3-T2) programs (like 3dmark2k1 se and UT2003) quit to desktop not long after being started - can anyone spread any light on the situation please?

  2. Tarkus

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    Corsair did have some problems with XMS3200C2 and XMS3500C2 modules. Look on the chips and see if it is Rev 1 or Rev 1.1. Rev 1 had a problem. Also, here's the link to Corsair Ram Guy's Forum which may give you the answer you need...

  3. Steg

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    ah - i forgot to mention - its DDR 2700 (333) RAM
    i will email the guy @ corsair and c wot he says but if ne1 else has neideas....

  4. Arris

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    What fsb are you running? The higher you go the more stress you are putting on the ram and the more likely it is to fail running at those memory settings.
  5. Steg

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    the fsb settings are the standard 133(266) for an Athlon XP - im going to post on the corsair forums and see if that reveals anything.....

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