A7N8X-Deluxe w/ Antec case - Fans Issue

By Captain_Jon
Dec 5, 2003
  1. I recently purchased the Antec Plus 660 AMG case and installed the Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard in it. My questions relates to the fans...

    The Antec power supply has 3 FAN ONLY (4-pin) connectors. So, as recommended, I connected the 2 supplied case fans to the Fan Only connectors. The manual states that connecting the case fans in this way is "so the 'TruePower' supply can control the speed of the fans".

    The power supply also has a 3-pin fan signal connector, which, as recommended, I attached to "one of the fan connectors of your motherboard." The manual states that connecting this 3-pin fan signal connector to the motherboard allows you to "monitor the speed of the rear fan power supply fan through the motherboard BIOS or through monitoring software".

    I am confused... should this set up allow me to monitor the speed of all 3 fans (2 case and 1 power supply) through that 3-pin connection? How do I know the speed of individual fans? Do the case fans operate at the same rpm as the power supply?? Or is it that this 'TruePower' supply does control the speed of the case fans, only I do not have access to the speeds?

    What puzzles me further is that the A7N8X-Deluxe has 3 (3-pin)fan connectors: CPU fan / Power fan / Chassis fan... I connected the CPU fan to it's proper connector, and I connected the power supply's 3-pin fan signal connector to the Power fan connector and nothing to the Chassis fan connector. When I look at the Asus PC Probe software I see RPM readings for the CPU fan and the Chassis fan... but not the Power fan!! Has anyone else experienced this? Related to the questions above... should I consider connecting the case fans to the 3-pin (with a 4-3 adapter) fan connector on the motherboard, in order to get their readings?

    Finally, I enabled the Q-Fan control option in the BIOS and my RPM's decreased on the Chassis reading (which I have to assume is really my power fan) from 1400-1500 to something closer to 1300. Are these readings accurate? The Antec manual states "The speed of the fab can go as low as 1500RPM when the temperature is low"... mine seems to be below this!

    I fired off an email to Antec asking for clarification... but I'm still waiting for a reply...
  2. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    I have the same problem for the Fan speed monitoring. I connected the PSU to the PWR_FAN1 connector on the motherboard but the speed is being reported in the Chassis fan section. I take it it's either a bug in the Asus software or maybe the writtings on the board got switched. Simply connect the PSU to the CHA_FAN1 instead.

    You cannot monitor the speed of the case fans unless connect to a fan connector on the motherboard. Do you really need to monitor their speed ? As long as they move out a nice amount of air & aren't too noisy, what more could you ask for ? :)

    You shouldn't worry about the PSU Fan reading going below 1500RPMs. In case you're still worried, put your hand behind the PSU & see if the air coming out is hot or not. Most likely it's slightly warm but nothing to worry about.
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