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A7N8X won't post with 3200+ (ARGHHH HELp MO not posting.)

By FitBlaze
Nov 11, 2004
  1. Hello folks and thanks in advance for any help.

    well bare with me as I know little about terms and OCing.

    So I have an ASUS A78NX deluxe ver 2.00 running 1008D(latest drivers)
    I run(ran) xp with a gig of memory. Some memory 2700 and some3200. In the past I have been buying part to prepare for buying a new processor.

    So here I am on the phone with the asus shmucks for 3 hours (mostly on hold)
    and they can't seems to get the new processor (AMD Barton XP3000+ 400fsb, 640 cache) to run at speed. so the want me send the board to them for testing.

    So this is what is going on now. The thing doesn't even post now, no beep no nothing. At wont point I walk the settings up to roughly 1.9 mhz. not bad... I was willing to leave it there as I am no techy and don't need the fastest machine.

    So Can someone please help. How can I reset the whole thing and get the thing to post, I will walk it up and leave it. I done the whole cmos battery trick and still it wont help. I just turns the power on the HD light satys on and nothing else happens. I have tried a msdos boot disk and every trick i have come across in the forums what am I missing.

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  2. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    You will need for all of your Ram to be PC3200. PC2700 can only run at 166mhz reliably & in order for your CPU to work as a 3200+ it needs a 200mhz FSB & since the Ram runs in sync by default, your Ram will need to run at 200mhz too. You're basicly overclocking your PC2700 as it is.
  3. FitBlaze

    FitBlaze TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know

    Well heres the deal. I spoke with the asus tech again.. He says the board is dead.

    I know the mixed memory wont work. That is why I was only using the one stick of 512 at 3200. That wasn't the problem. It turns out there must be a eletrical prob with the board since it failed.

    I now get to send it back for 8 weeks and wait for them to send me back a board that doesn't work. :)
  4. pc-bill

    pc-bill TS Rookie

    Could be

    I have the ASUS K8N motherboard that I have the new AMD 64 bit 3000+ CPU installed in. It is a good board and I suspect yours is also.

    What they are telling you about an electrical problem could very well be true. However, it has been my experience in these matters that when you are online with tech support for as long as you said you were, they are basically just confirming that they do NOT know what the problem is. It happens all the time that one gets home with a new motherboard or other piece of equipment and finds that it doesn't work. The best thing to do is take it back to the store from which you purchased it. They should be able to test it for you and if it is bad they can replace it on the spot. More than once have I bought a bad motherboard and I have not yet had to return one to the manufacturer. It is possible that the PC3200 stick is bad but I would think you would get some loud and annoying beeps if that was the case.
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