A7N8X-X sound possible problems.

By kubus
Jan 1, 2006
  1. Well, just did a clean reinstall/format of my comp.
    The sound plays fine for mp3z, but when I'm playing an ISO of a movie in Windows Media Player, the sound at max setting is low, compared to the mp3z.
    Before the clean reinstall/format, I had the same problem, but somehow, it fixed itself, or I did something (don't know what).
    So I checked EVERY possible setting in the volume controls, no idea what's going on or how to make the ISO DVD sound to play louder.
    I have a basic 2 speaker setup, nothing crazy.
    WinXP ProSP2
    AMD 2500+
    A7N8X-X mobo
    Ati 9600SE vid card.

    Btw, wish you guys all the best in 2006.
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