A7v333 + 2 Crucial 256mb 2700.. Any problems?

Oct 8, 2002
  1. Planning to get another Crucial 256mb 2700 for my A7v333. Anyone with this setup and would care to comment? If doesn't have to be Crucial mem as long as you have two 256mb installed.
  2. Vehementi

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    The only memory compatibility problems with ASUS boards is with Kingston DDR333, and that's fixable via BIOS flash...

    Crucial makes great memory :grinthumb :giddy: :approve:
  3. SCSI

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    Just added another Crucial 2700 256mb memory to my A7v333 and it works fine BUT I encountered problems first. Now I have (Crucial 2700 256mb X 2) Now if I installed the mems in Pin1 and Pin2 and '1T command rate enabled', the PC won't boot. Fans, HD all turn on but no video and no beeps. If '1T command rate' is disabled, it runs fine. Somehow the problem only appears when the mems are in Pin1 and Pin2. Tried it with other configurations and still works with '1T command rate'. I can even run the mems at very aggressive timings. I am still reaching 187mhz like I did with just one stick.
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