A9.com goes live

By Julio Franco
Apr 14, 2004
  1. Just saw this bit of news over at Neowin, Amazon's own search engine called A9.com has opened doors today... it basically takes google results and adds some of their own Alexa+Book Search love, it may be a good alternative for some I guess. Here's a review of A9 from the same blog site that broke the news today about the availability of the service...

    Amazon has jumped onto the search engine bandwagon with a new site called A9. It essentially takes google tech and adds another layer. It could prove to spice up an already hot market! Key features include a search memory (needs an Amazon account), and a very neat toolbar. The toolbar has a cool diary feature which allows users to write up notes /comments on a page and then access it at a later date. The news was interestingly released via blogger John Battelle's searchblog.
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