Abit KD7-E Cpu query

By ptitterington
Jun 4, 2003
  1. Im sure it is a simple answer.

    My Eldest daughter has been running on No1 spare parts machine which had an Athlon 1.4 thunderbird running at 1050 as the old Epox 8kta2 could not run any faster and there were another few problems.

    So I got a KD7E and a stick of Crucial 512mb PC2700 DDr memory.

    As time was of the essence and I promised not to wipe everything again It all got put together and worked fine apart from;

    The processor is only happy to run at 1050 and there is a note showing DDR 333?

    Also the USB2 support off the disk is only good for ME or 98 and the XP drivers wont work and the Microsoft site did not show up correct ones.
    Im sure though Ill chase them down.

    I have tried to set the soft menu 3 cpu operating speed to 1400 which would not allow me to progress from the bios.

    Do I need to update the bios

    For the moment Its working as well as it did but Id like it to be right.

  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    PC 2700DDR runs at 333 Mhz

    you might want to check the mobo many of them have a switch or jumper for the system bus and is set at 100mhz by default it should be switched to 133. if there is such a switch on the mobo then the default seeting of 100mhz will result i the CPU not being recognized at the correct speed.

    if there is a bios update available I would consider getting it since many times they fix some small bugs in the bios that affects performance.
  3. ptitterington

    ptitterington TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 255

    I have tried altering the bus speed to 133 but it just causes the machine to not boot until reset to what it thinks is correct.
    Maybe will need bios update.
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