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By Sickem
Oct 19, 2005
  1. hello i am a builder working on my fisrt and this forum has helped alot but i do have a question... when i was seraching for the mother board i wanted i found an ABIT fata1lty series mother board. it looked sweet and had good performance but what i am wondering is
    -Does the mother board have a problem / reputation with crashing or failing or overheating cause that what ii keep hearing

    --any way i have 1 more question for you
    -i was thinking about buying the gigabyte GA-kanxp-sli board bad or good idea >>??
    I am a gamer and i want a good performance i play swat 4 alot some of u might know ..i own a clan for it to --lol ---just side notes so you can see what i expect
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    This oard looks sweet and has god specs But what im seein is that the board is a mofo to install...and that there seems to be a problem when you install windows "you need to have only 1 stick of ram in when installing windows+you need to buy the good ram or you will get a bunch of errors"
    its cool with out a doubt but it has a serious problem with how to install parts and ram sooo ......any other suggestions would be good if u got them

    -it has to have atleast 4giigs ram slots and a socket 939 for the CPU ok thnx
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