ABS PSU's 80 Plus, free shipping and no rebate!

By customcarvin
Nov 11, 2010
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  1. Newegg is not only offering a huge instant discount off of these PSU's automatically with free shipping, but on top of that if you enter the code "EMCZZYX75" at check out, you will recieve an additional 20%off!

    I was able to snag the MJ1100-M Single rail 1100w 80 Plus GOLD certified PSU for $144 shipped. WOW!

    Oh and be careful to notice last deal on the page (if you sort by price) it's only 80 SILVER certified (still really good though) as opposed to the one before it which is GOLD certified, and it's 1050w, but yet is more expensive than the GOLD 1100w... go figure...

    I haven't seen this posted anywhere else (not even coupon sites), so I hope this helps someone in the TechSpot community first, cause this really is a good deal! I'm not too familiar with ABS, but they do get very good reviews 4+ eggs, and it comes with a 3yr warranty.... not too bad. Given the specs, they seem as though they would be just as good as say OCZ or Corsair 80 Plus (same power/connectors) PSU's at about half of the price.

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