AC'97 Driver not found, what to do next?

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Jun 19, 2006
  1. here's the problem, under my devide manager there is an exclamation point next to my multimedia audio controller, okay. I don't have the cd that came with the machine because it is a work computer. I go to the dell website to find the driver, get one for my computer with my service tag, and download it, open it to find the setup file and run it, it says "cannot find driver, reboot your system and try this setup again", so I do, still the same message. So I go to the intel website to find drivers for my mobo since they are the manufacturer and it is an onboard card, download their audio driver and I get the same message. I just can't get this dumb thing to work. I have windows xp pro, my machine is a dell precision workstation 360, and I would really like help with this please. If you need any specs feel free to ask, as long as I can get this thing to work.
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    First uninstall the audio device's in the device manager, restart the computer and XP should find and reinstall the audio devices. If windows can't find the drivers browse to the folder where you unzipped the Dell audio drivers and that should work. Or you could uninstall the audio device in Device Manager then run the Setup file that came with the Dell audio drivers to reinstall everything.
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    I tried all of those things and none of them have worked, when I browse for the file it won't let me choose it so I have to go to a sub-file, and the setup file is still giving me the same thing. Is there anything that can help?
  4. iss

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    are your motherboard drivers installed? Also AC97 audio drivers are often for specific chipses are you sure you have the dirvers for your specific chipset?
  5. fastco

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    Just a thought; Is there a regular 56K modem installed in the computer? I have had problems with sound drivers due to full duplex PCI modems that require sound drivers that are built in to the modem set-up drivers. (Confusing, I Know) If there is a modem installed without the proper drivers that could be causing audio driver problems. If so remove the modem and uninstall it from the device manager completely. (If you don't need it) Otherwise reinstall the modem with the proper drivers.
    Also if the sound drivers aren't the correct ones then they won't work, no matter what you try. Try different AC97 drivers
  6. athlete18

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    I went to the intel site and they have no drivers for my chipset series, where can I find some AC97 drivers and how do I know that they are the ones that I need?
  7. fastco

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    Join so you can search for and download any drivers you need. If they aren't the right drivers they just won't work. You have to try different drivers until you find the one that works.
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