AC97 sometimes no sound.

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Jun 4, 2005
  1. I'm using an AC97 ACL665 sound integrated in my motherboard gigabyte GA-k8vt800m. Sometimes there is sound. But somtimes there is no sound. I have to click on the sound effect and go to the jack sensing and click start to sens it again then the sound will come back. This occurs when i connect to the internet. Any solution for this??
  2. Bobcat1132

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    get a new sound card
    ac97 has so many things that are wrong with it its not even funny. i have one that wont even work and i have tried everything that i know of and you should see how many people have problems with ac97 on this site and thats the only sound card i have even seen with a problem here bobcat
  3. chicaman

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    But i'm using a VIA motherboard and many ppl say that i should buy a creative sound card and it will corrupt and cause problems. So what sound card should i get???
  4. Bobcat1132

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    why do they say it will corrupt? and to be honest with you i really dont know the answer to your question as far as what soundcard to get because all that i use now are soundblasters and i have only had one that i have had trouble with and i think its do to the fact that i dont have the riight drivers for it. they work great and they are stable from everything that i have seen.
  5. chicaman

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  6. Bobcat1132

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    alright answeres that question hey if you go to or tiger and look under sound cards they give a whole list of sound cards that arent sound blaster and some of them seem to be pretty good also you can go to the individual sites themselves if you want for more details and i also know that 3d labs puts out some sound cards that you can check into there are many more options than just sound blaster though good luck and keep me posted bobcat
  7. Tedster

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    I have an AC97 on my MB and I can't use it as it won't output to digital speakers. I was forced to turn it off and go to my old reliable creative Live! card. Everything is ok now.
  8. Rik

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    I must be the odd one out, I have an AC97 on my mobo and it has never had a problem and Ive been using it for two years. Perhaps Im lucky!?!?!

  9. GoAvalanche

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    Sound Blasters work good but I have been using TurtleBeach cards for some time. I have their Catalina card right now-I Love It!
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