Accelerator upgrade - Dell Dimension 2800 compatible?

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Feb 5, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I am currently running nVidia GeoForce III and have pretty much reached the end of the envelope playing Sims 2. I'm uprading my entire system and would like to know what kind of accelerator upgrades are compatible with a Dell Dimension 2800 (2.0 GHz), 512 RAM (I will be doubling this)?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    You will definitely need a PCI card with that 2800, as it does not have an AGP slot (if my memory serves me correctly). I second the idea on nVidia... I would also stry and which often have them at a lower price than Newegg... and usually free shipping.
  5. Surkitz

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    the card i suggested was FINE....yes the 6200 is a better card but more $.....Im thinking savings here. besides, he prob doesnt want to go over too much on that system at this point. And with a little oc'ing, it gets close to your suggestion.
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    Well a Ti4xxx series beats the **** out of a FX series card., and the kicker is the Ti Is older!
  7. Surkitz

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    then why didnt you suggest it holmes?...
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    I was replying to the comment on the 2800... was that just an error in typing the 8 and the 2 in reverse order?

    The 8200 does, of course, have an AGP slot. The 8200 is limited only by the fact that it uses the horrendously expensive Rambus memory which has an average price over several vendors of $270 for 512 MB.

    As for the graphics card, the 8200 will handle any video graphics card that can deal with the available memory... unfortunately many have only 256 MB... But if you have more, or can add more, you will be fine.
  10. Surkitz

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    if you have agp, then yes this opens up more possibilities. just make sure you buy a card that will support your bandwidth speed and just to not assume agp means agp.

    this is a possibility:

    or this:

    the first card i put up there was in my current system til i upgraded and i was quite pleased with it. overclocked well, played many games great, btw, it played bf2 on med/max settings without much hiccup. the second card is a step up from that. im also thinking budget for you so these are priced on the lower end. another reason for that is that i dont know if you board supports 2x/4x or 4x/8x. so that might make things differnent.
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