Access 2K Registry from DOS or Recovery console

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Feb 7, 2004
  1. Is there a way to do that please ?

    Im not sure I will have access to the recovery console so access from DOS would be better. 2K is on a NTFS drive but with NTFSDOS its not really a problem I think.
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  3. DigitAlex

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    Thanx a lot but it concerns system.dat and other win9x stuff and nothing about 2000 registry. I dont think regedit.exe will work with nt registry tho... did you read that I was talking about 2000 ?
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    You can use regedt32.exe from another instance of W2K and load the old hives into it.

    In c:\winnt\system32\config is a copy of the live registry files, these hold all the data you require.

    Select load hive from regedt32.exe and you can them import the old hives from the above location.

    Edit what you want, resave the hive and you're off.

    It's not DOS but if you have a second W2K, that would work. You could also stick that HD in another PC (as slave) and use the above method with regedt32.
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  6. DigitAlex

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    Thats great ye, I found about the hives and stuff online so I made it work this way for now, thanx, but Im still wondering if there is a way to edit that from DOS ....

    Thx again
  7. EntilZha

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    I'm digging up this thread because I need some help

    What I want to do is edit a registry file from another unbootable WinXP system

    Can I copy that file, import and edit with Regedit and then put it back to the other PC ?
    Without messing up my own registry.

    How should I go about this ?

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