access denied on network

By mopsy
May 6, 2006
  1. I have an xp home and win2k on a wired router. We can each get to Comcast with no challenges. We can see each other on the network. Each of us have files with permission. We have mcafee firewall. I have added our IP as safe to allow on each computer. I have named them mshome, however, the 2k wants to revert to workgroup as the name. The 2k was at work on a wireless. I had to reformat to get it back on our network. The reformat may have been done incorrectly as I see programs folders still in the 2k that are no longer installed and should have erased. I dislike having to reformat again. I wonder if I should change the xp to workgroup and/or how do I give permission to the computers to access each other? I want to use a common printer. Before it went to work, it did it perfectly. Easy as can be to set up. When it came home from work we could not get on the internet. I reformatted and that part is fine. I purchased a registry cleaner to clean out any stuff.

    I get access denied check with administrator. Oh, my fav, I am the admin and have no idea what to do. Help Help
  2. Samstoned

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    formatting must not have been done at all
    or files would not be seen
    formatting does not erase the whole hard drive
    just the FAT out File Allocation Table
    when Fat is removed the OS treats the sectors as if they are empty and writes data to them.
    I would start with the W2K machine
    go to the folder or drive that you want to share
    make new share add user name add network to user group
    xp home machine needs the same user name and password of W2K machine
    it is limited in network properties
    with W2K defaulting back to the other group I would reformat and write 0's to drive or try making another admin profile log there and create new workgroup
    should fix this glitch first before moving on to permissions
  3. jobeard

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    1) use CP->System->Computer Name to change the Workgroup name
    all systems must have the same name; Windows used Workgroup; Xp MSHOME
    but you can set it as you please.

    2) all systems you must allow your firewall to allow File/Print Sharing

    3) you right-click on the folder to-be-shared and
    under Network Sharing, click the box Share this Folder...

    4) On the Guest login, set a password even though you may have DISABLED
    the login. This is the account thru which Sharing is accessed.
  4. mopsy

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    access denied on network (sharing)

    Ah, so it is through the guest. I went in and gave my win2k log on admin ability and I have it in the xp. Did not realize the guest had anything to do with it. What made this so complicated? I know we hooked up with limited challenges before he took it to work on the wireless network there. I did not reformat? What did I do. No programs worked until I reinstalled them but then I accidentally saw a bunch in programs. None of them seem to work except those I reinstalled.

    You say make new share add user name add network to user group. How do I do that? The same user name? I have both of them as mshome. Reformat and add o's? I would rather try making another admin profile log and creat new workgroup but how step by step.

    jobeard I have them set to mshome. I added the IP as okay on our McAfee walls. Is there more to do? I do have the hand under the files and the printer, but I understand I need to install the printer(s) on the 2k. Both are directly connected to winhome. Do I use the current guest login and give it a password?

    I am pretty basic on instructions guys, but I sure appreciate your help.

    What if I decide to just load another printer on the 2k and just share internet. That is working fine. Do you forsee any challenges with that later? It just becomes obsession when I can't do something I could do before.

    Thanks again,

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