Access Denied, when i access the my computer icon and its properties

By redkintanar
Feb 10, 2005
  1. Hi! im red, im just new here.... and i need help

    when i try to open my computer i receive an error message access denied, even if im using the administrator account the pc. also i cant run programs and i cant access when i right click my computer and click its properties, i get the same error access denied....

    i think somebody is playing with the security rights but i just cant determined where could i change the access rights for the my computer properties...
    also when i double click on the drive c: i cant access but when i type it on the address bar, i can get in to my drive c:

    please try to help me on this.
  2. dapryce

    dapryce TS Rookie

    I am having the same problems on my xp system. I have checked my access rights and they all seem to be in place. When I try to down load some of the other programs like google task bar or other programs they come up with all kinds of errors, of which I am sure deal with ownership or permision. I can get into most of my system files with no problem. I have tried some of the go to and click here things that msn suggests and most of the files do not exist on my system. Don't know what else to do but format and reload. Which I hate to do. Even my xp install disk will not give me permision. Dave
  3. Joe Walton

    Joe Walton TS Rookie Posts: 36

    Try a system restore 1st of all.. if this is not possible..

    The only other thing I would think of trying is a repair with your OS disk (windows xp)

    Boot from your xp disk.. once its booted press enter, then press the F8 key..

    It should then come up saying press "esc" to format or press "r" to repair..

    Choose the repair option and this will re-install the windows system files..

    It will keep all your data and should clear the error.


    But wait for more replies there may be an easy way to fix the errors
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