Access denied when trying to share LPT attached printer on Win2K machine

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I work for a local high school and have been having a lot of problems sharing a printer attached to a Windows 2000 machine by an parallel cable. I'm trying to share the printer with 2 Windows XP Pro machines. All 3 PCs have the same logon and I have granted access to the printer for that account. File and printer sharing are also checked on all 3 PCs.

Here is a little more information since I had a lot of problems getting this to work. We have a LAN and Novell Server in the school, but the only manages the office PCs. All the PCs are part of workgroups with each room being its own workgroup. The 3 PCs I'm working with are attached to network drops. I could not use the Add Printer Wizard to have the two XP PCs find the printer after it was shared. I had to get the IP address of the 2000 machine and then type in that IP address under run on the two XP PCs. I then double clicked on the shared printer that showed up and installed the drivers. The printer shows up on the two XP PCs as HPDesk 990 on x.x.x.x (the IP address of the 2000 machine). When I first added the printer, it worked fine. After rebooting however, I cannot access it. It just shows Access Denied. The only thing I can think of is that the logon on Windows 2000 requires a password but you don't have to enter as password to login on the two XP machines.

Is there anything else I need to check for? Thanks.



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Make sure those PCs are ALL in the SAME workgroup, otherwise NO share.
And using a password is a good thing for a flawless connection, even if all passwords are the same.
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