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Access Violation Error

By SleepinDevil ยท 7 replies
Jun 2, 2005
  1. ok well i am sure most of you wouldnt know about gun bound its at www.gunbound.net they released a new version now only like a week old.

    what i wanted help was on this error i keep getting its a access violation error:

    Error: Access violation at 0x7C911BF4 (tried to write to 0x62748921), program terminated.

    this happens when the were is quick even in the game. what type of error is this? i have never seen this befoe? i got directx 9, geforce fx 5200 graphics card and a creative audio blaster. i dont get this error is it something to do with my graphics card? or something to do with memory? please help me figure this thing out someone! thank you in advance :)
  2. Bobcat1132

    Bobcat1132 TS Rookie Posts: 79

    could you please explain where it happens a little better as i am having a hard time understanding you but from what it sounds like right now it doesnt sound like your hardware especially if it didnt happen prior to this. all of your hardware is very stable and should be fine and dx 9 is also good it sounds to me like it could be the program although as you have said i have never heard of it nor know nothing about sorry
  3. SleepinDevil

    SleepinDevil TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i am not sure how to explain this in more detail the game just hangs in the middle sometimes and for another 10 seconds or so the sound effects ect keep looping and it sounds really anooyin after u click Ok in the dialog box the thing just gets out of the game. ty for ur reply by the way and i doubt its something to do with my hardware as well though i am not really sure about that sound card. its probably a bug and its not been fixed yet because not many people got the same error i suppose. tnx anyway
  4. Bobcat1132

    Bobcat1132 TS Rookie Posts: 79

    hey have you had the computer long or is it new and have you gamed on it much because unless it is short on ram which doesnt sound like it would be the case with your graphics card you have it is probably a bug. what game is it by the way and do you have any antivirus software on hand that you can use to check with. also check in your motherhoard for built in antivirus protection in the bios
  5. Bobcat1132

    Bobcat1132 TS Rookie Posts: 79

    it could be the game is just corrupted as well i had a game that worked for so long then i went to install it again and got an error at about 95% of the way done although i cant remember what the error siad. but the game had gone corrup somehow...?
  6. SleepinDevil

    SleepinDevil TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hmm well this computer is brand new only 3 months old now but the graphics card is off one of my other ones with itself is only 6 months old tops and the ram ive got 512 ddr ram on the computer and the graphics card video memory i have no idea. of course i dont know much about the physics of a computer i m not that old or wise :p but i do have an antivirus its "avast!" and well no viruses. not sure i am going to download the whole program again yea u could be right it could have been corrupted on the way. i am not sure about the onboard virus protection. well could it really be something wrong wit the graphics card? i mean i play cs with max everything as well i play warcraft with max everything and they seem fine...
  7. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,101   +419

    Try uninstalling, restart and reinstalling the game. Disable your antivirus protection while you install just in case.
  8. Bobcat1132

    Bobcat1132 TS Rookie Posts: 79

    hey again your card is either 128 meg or 256 meg of its own memory for future references prob. 128 if its an older version and i really cant think of what else it would be. if it was hardware it would be more than just one game giving you trouble. try to unistall the game and reinstall it again and see if that works and if you want you can download avg antivirus for free of the internet it is prob. the best antivirus thats out there right now and its free. i got that info from a very reliable source out of durango co. running a high speed internet company who would more than know and there was another source that i got that from as well. its good. other than that theres not much else that i would know to say sorry about that. and good luck.
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