Accidental Virus Protection?

By jungle5150
Jul 20, 2002
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  1. hey yall. i havent been on this mb in a while. but i used to "frequent" it. i use the term loosely. but i have posted more than 9 times lol this is a brand new name. btw ignore spelling errors please i never made good grades in spelling lol. a well lol. well the thing that i was gonna talk about..... hmmm. o yeah. well i have 2 os's on my comp 98 and 2kpro. i installed 2kpro on a very small partition that has just about enough room for it and a couple programs. the rest i install to my bigger partition, not the main one. this bigger partition also has win98 on it. i use partition magic. so anywho not too long ago i got a virus that screwed up my os. but i realized that i can jsut reformat the small partition and not lose any of my files :D he he. so it would seem to me that i am pretty safe from a lot of the viruses that attack the os. and if i really need the comp i can just use 98 until i have time to reformat. lol course then id have to be a bit more careful about virii since i dont wanna infect my backup os. so is this really pretty cool like i think or do i prob have a virus in my big partition b/c i didnt reformat it lol. let me know great gods of 3ds. :) later
    btw: if it does kinda work then i recommend it lol

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