accidentally started overwriting partition

By funky
Aug 5, 2005
  1. i know this was just dumb...

    i thought i could convert a data partition from FAT32 to Linux extended2 without problems, because i was blind and didn't see the warning (although i expected it and didn't see it)... well, after starting the conversion with Partition Magic i cancelled, because it was suspect to me.
    trying to undelete the partition does not work because he's not finding any.
    right now it says unallocated diskspace. In this 'accidental' session i was still able to access the disk and it's files. after some time (i had no burning software installed) it showed me an empty disk. Now the disk isn't shown anymore.
    Btw, i use ME.

    i downloaded Ranish Partition Manager. but i'm a little worried i could cause more trouble than repairing it.
    i would appreciate help very much.

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