Accidently deleted 1 partition, lost 3! Urgent help wanted!

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I messeded up big time :(

"I'm going to drawn myself, you can be just like me" (M'n'M) puke:

Allright what happened:

Reading around the board, this section particularly, and having recently converted gear and OS, I thought it was time to clean up my HDD's, and reschedule partitions.
I've got 2 HDD's 1 Maxtor 40Gb IDE & 1 Maxtor 80Gb IDE
In my former system I had only the 80Gb and there partitioning was as followed:
- 5Gb for OS (2.1), also being the active (former system) partition of this HDD
- 15Gb for program files & program files data (2.2)
- 20Gb for Miscellaneous Data (2.3)
- 40Gb for Media files (2.4)

After convertion:
the 40 Gb HDD went into 2x 20Gb, 1 for OS (1.1) & 1 for program files and program files data (1.2).
After cleaning I had managed to get the 5Gig partition (2.1) empty which I wanted to join with the 15Gig (2.2).
Leaving me with a simple, well looking, structure.

I was so damn stupid to, after formatting this partition, DELETE it.
Yes, I know, you get a warning message, and it was the moment I confirmed I felled the itch something was going to be wrong.
A split second later I saw 2.3 & 2.4 coming free as "available space".
These disks where practically 70% occupied and contain all my work and info of the last years.
Backup, didn't make it yet, had it pipelined after sorting everything out and having all the junk removed.
I already downloaded some demo's of recovery-soft (ex: iRecover, eData Unerase, Data Restore 2000, etc.) as well as Testdisk from CGSecurity.
Now recently I red on this board about a warez-junk who got what he deserved 'cause he lost some partition structures caused by using one if his warezdownloaded programs, but I can't find this thread anymore.
Has it been removed?
With iRecover I managed to see my lost partition but even in scanning the program hangs several times due to not enough memory, this even in low-memory-usage mode.
Now being a bit a fan of Linux, I'd like to go for the Testdisk program, as I think as some was explained in some posts following this missing thread.
But does anyone have any experience in this?
Can anyone give some advice in how-to actually execute this operation succesfully?
I also went downloading the Powermax tools from Maxtor as where described in the sticky-thread covering this topic, .
I realy want my data back, but I'm a bit afraid of ruining my disk and lose it all because of goofing up again.
This time because I never performed an operation like this before.
Thank you guys upfront for your time and effort in helping me out solving this.


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Sounds to me like you deleted the extended partition instead of one logical partition inside it. Yes, I have used testdisk successfully, but if you feel uncomfortable with it, feel free to try Active Partition Recovery or whatever. However, APR's demo won't fix anything as it won't write to disk.


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Indeed I deleted the active partition, my former system partition, and the two logical went down the drain with it.
It's not that I don't feel uncomfortable using Testdisk or any other program, it's just I have never done this before with any program and I'm not sure in how-to execute and perform a succesful operation.
I know demo's wont fix anything and if it's best to buy any I'll do so, but which?
DYI's iRecover found the lost partitions and "sees" the files, but hangs in performing its scan cause I only have 512Mb Ram, which is, as it turns out, definetely not enough for mu system in general.


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If the extended partition covered the whole second HD then it shouldn't be too hard to reconstruct it.

Ranish partition manager is a free program that lets you put in partition table entries manually and shows the results in real time. So all you would have to do is to edit the partition table on the second HD and type in the values to "recreate" your extended partition. The logical partitions will pop up the instant you get the beginning of the extended partition right.

I cannot really walk you through this and you do need some knowledge about how partitions work, but I have done this before and it is very possible.


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I hope that you have learnt the lesson - back-up regularly. Back-up before making changes. Sorry to rub it in, but people always intend to do a back-up.


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Back-up? Yep, I will for sure

Yes, I sure did and sure will in the future :bounce:

I also had it planned after sortin' everything out, cause with the conversion I found out I made quite a mess.
And approx 40G to be backed-up makes about 60CD-r's 2b spend on it.
also among the "lost" folders a number of back-ups are included, also the last one.
This is 'cause, wright before building my new sys, I worked on two pc's, networking, who'm I first merged and then went on in building the new one.
Like I saw it, when merging, and pumping everything on my 80Gb HDD on my P3 it was better to byte through the sour apple and build a decent gear, this created the mess, 'cause I ended up with data from 4 systems, 2 old went into 1 "new" which I then implemented in a completely new, my current.

and YES BACKING-UP IS AN ESSENCE You can't rub that in too many.

Instead of disks I used another pc, over network, for it, which data is on this disk.
Think for the future I'll be investing in a DVD-RW for makin' those large back-ups an ease.
Honest for the 70Euro a bulk one costs these days it isn't worth the pain in the ***, of so to speak

Nodsu said:
Ranish partition manager is a free program that lets you put in partition table entries manually and shows the results in real time.
Where can I find this one? Even think I heard of this one somewhere
It is also my thought that when I succeed in rebuilding my partition table of the 2.1 parttition the 2.3 & 2.4 partitions will pop-up 'cause they're logical drives attached to that one, but I wasn't absolutely sure about it.


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I would not write to the drive that you want to get your files back from
get file scavengeror another good file recovery program. this should get your files back.
copy to disc's ,make sure after you recover files by checking (open them see if OK)before you save them.


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I suggest you use Partition Table Doctor to resolve your
problem.The software provides very useful functions:
Backup partition table, Restore partition table, Rebuild
partition table, undelete partition, Fix boot sector,
rebuild mbr,etc.

First thing I recommend you download the demo version of
Partition Table Doctor.( )

Run the program and select "Rebuild Partition Table",
then choose "Interactive" mode. If you can find the partition
you need, that is Partition Table Doctor can help you. Otherwise,
Partition Table Doctor cannot help you.

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