acer 620p scanner driver for xp

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Apr 22, 2004
  1. I have a acer 620p flatbed scanner. I used to have window 98 my scanner worked perfect. I have a new computer with xp and my scanner needs update drivers to support xp. help!
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    For problems with the Acer 620P and probably other Acer scanners in operating systems beyond Win98 (definitely XP), do the following:

    First, BENQ now owns Acer scanners. Go to: for the new version of mirascan_v3424p.exe. (You can also find it at other download sites.)

    Then download and read the installation instructions from BENQ. You'll see a link to installation instructions. From there, click on "How to install my P-model scanner in Windows XP" Or go to:

    These instructions are the key. After two days of struggle, the above method worked perfectly. The only trouble was I couldn't see the scanner in their last step (refresh step.) I had to restart, and then everything was fine.

    Good luck.
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    Does any one know how many volts and amps the scanner requires? I have the scanner, however, I have lost the power supply, so I need to buy a new one. Can anyone please help me out with which one. Thank you.
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    Acer 620p voltage

    120V 60Hz 20W Input
    12VAC 1200mA Output
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    The above link no longer is working. Where can I get the directions?
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    I have that driver if you PM me your email address I can send it. Unless you want to go to, register for free and download it yourself.... :)
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    I believe that I have the driver. I just can't get my scanner to work. XP tells me my scanner is installed and ready to use, but when I try to use it sometimes I get a message that the scanner is busy or the rest of the time not connected. I am confused.

    When I try to use the new hardware wizard, the wizard does not seem to recognize driver's location on my hard drive.
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