Acer Aspire 5100 Question

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I recently got this laptop...yesterday. Anyways, I downloaded all the updates for vista, cleaned out programs I didn't need/want running. Updated the graphics card and the CCC and world of warcraft runs really really slow. I know this ain't the top of the line gaming laptop but I know it should be running better than 6-14fps. No other programs are running when I am trying to play wow. I have all the graphics on lowest possible setting and all special effects turned off. I have spent hours upon hours online trying to find out what to do to fix the problem. Any help on fixing this problem would be great. Thanks for the help.

Oh yeah, I'm also using ethernet cable to play the game not using wireless.

Windows Vista™ Home Premium
AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-50 (2x256KB L2 cache, 1.6GHz)
1GB (512/512) DDR SDRAM
120GB hard drive
integrated Super-Multi drive (DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM)
5-in-1 card reader; 15.4" WXGA (1280 x 800) TFT display
integrated ATI® Mobility™ Radeon® Xpress 1100 graphics
802.11b/g WLAN, 10/100 LAN, V.92 modem


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Ok. my g-friend bought that laptop last year, with xp on it. My first recommendation would've been not to buy it. But n e who. when your running vista on less than 2GB of ram everything is pretty much slow(especially the games) it's just not ment for games same with my laptop. I would take it back. Not trying to be mean.
well thanks for the help...wait you provided no help whatsoever. All you had to say was I wasted close to thousand dollars and should take it back. What is wrong with you? Did I ask your opinion on what you thought of my laptop? Anyways, i figured out what I had to do just drop the resolution from widescreen max and boom over 40fps.

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Xonicx. Please settle down. I realize MoMo's reply wasn't that informative to you, but that certainly isn't any reason to go name calling.

I'm glad you got your problem fixed though. See ya 'round TechSpot

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Well said poertner_1274.

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