Acer Travel Mate 290E problem

By Outcasted
Dec 16, 2007
  1. Am I lucky or what? I just wanted to try out something and switched on my laptop. Everything was fine when i boot it up. When I tried to move the mouse, it won't budge. I did not see the mouse touch pad icon beside the clock too.

    So I tried rebooting again and again too see whether it will be solved, unfortunately no. The speaker of my laptop had gone nuts too last month (it plays only BGM in some sort of echoing way without the person talking). Can anyone here help me out??

    As this is an old series, I forgot the specs, but remebered some:
    Windows XP SP2 (upgraded from Home Edition)
    Intel Celeron M
    40GB HDD
    DVD-RW Drive
    256MB RAM
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