Acoustic Shock & Tinnitus!

Feb 17, 2007
  1. Is there any good software for Acoustic shock protection?
    It's hard to have the same volume all the time because my son maybe
    raised it last time and I didn't see... There's movies and games with a
    very low volume while some stupid people out there is making movies
    where the sound is destroying both your loudspeakers and ears!!!!

    You maybe want to decrase the volume to hear what they say and suddenly
    there's some "cool sound effects" that gives you a serious hearing damage or
    tinnitus for the rest of your life!!!

    I've got a serious tinnitus and I need something that keeps the volume down.

    I think all software and hardware today should have some kind of protection
    to prevent Acoustic Shock!! And skip the **** in-ear plugs!!!!

    Take care
  2. Nodsu

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    No software or hardware can protect you from Stupid Users.

    Also, AFAIK all consumer setups are pretty much "safe" in the sense that you cannot blow them up without doing some special rigging and they don't produce sound loud enough to harm normal people.

    If you are sensitive to loud noise, make it a habit of always turning down the volume on the speakers/amplifier and then turning it up to a level suitable to you.
  3. JC_SE

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    Obviously you don't understand what this is about or you didn't like when I said
    "stupid people". I've been one myself and that's why I'm suffering now! Ok I'm
    frustraded because yesterday for instance, my son opened a video on the web
    that sounded like explosions direct, with no warning! The volume was under 50%
    in Windows and about 10-20% on the loadspeakers. Both me and my son got a
    serious Acoustic Shock and it shouldn't be possible at 50%!!! No video should be
    recorded like that but still there's hundreds of them! Also many DVD's is recorded
    the same miserable (stupid) way! It means that if you need to encrease the
    volume so you can hear them speak, the sound effects might hurt your ears!
    I've had a serious tinnitus in about 23 yrs now and yes I'm sensitive to loud
    noise but I know the difference and I know the riscs for sure!

    When playing computer games and the volume is about 50% you almost hear nothing
    except maybe explosions and shots. Then maybe you want to encrease the sound so
    you can hear fotsteps or similar. Then your ears might be damaged by a granate! If 50%
    is ok for you and you are browsing the web later, you'll notice that the sound is so much
    stronger on some videos and webgames etc. I need is some kind of control that always
    keeps the volume down under 10 or maybe 20% whatever it is, so I can be sure there's
    no risc for damages! Because kids don't think much about it, sometimes I forget myself,
    or someone else maybe decreased it before me, I think some kind of protection should
    be built-in to all software and hardware too! And all video sounds should "fade in". Also
    there's bad apps that changes the volume on your computer to 100% when you don't
    know! Creative's driver setup is such bad app and there's more programs that might do
    the same. Remember that only one mistake might be enough and the rest of your life
    will never be like it was...
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