ACPI Problem, Computer won't wake up

By larrybody
Oct 17, 2006
  1. I built an old school computer with all new parts about 8 months ago. Recently I have been having trouble with waking up the onboard NIC after I have been away for an hour or so. A reboot always solves the problem. If I allow the computer to go into standby mode I cannot get it to wake up at all. I have to shut it down manually and restart. Yesteday I flashed the BIOS to the latest version and updated the LAN driver. Still I have the problem. My AMIBIOS version is K7s41GX P2.70. All power settings are at the default. Windows XP sp/2 power settings are . Turn off monitor after 20 min. Turn off hard drive after 45 min. System stand by after 1 hour. Hibernate after 3 hours. I know that device drivers can cause problems with ACPI. As far as I can tell they are all up to date. I have an open PCI slot and maybe I should try a new NIC card. The onboard NIC is on the HCL and works fine when it is woke up. I don't want to have to reload Windows. Any suggestions?
    Here is what is in the box.
    ASRock K7S41GX MB, Athalon XP+2600,w Thermalright S-97H/92mmPanaflow,1gig(2X512) OCZ 3200 Performance memory, 1 80gb WD ATA 100 HD, Liteon 16XDVD, BenQ Burner, FDD, 460W INWIN PS, INWIN Matx case, Radeon X800 with AC VGA Cooler, Dell Ultra Sharp 1907FP display, XP SP/2,ZoneAlarm Firewall and AV.
    Runs great, stays cool, just has this wake up problem.
  2. larrybody

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    ACPI Problem resolved

    I fixed my internet and standby wake up problem by reconfiguring my firewall (Zone Alarm Ver 6.1.744.000) to accept generic Host Process for Win32 Services (svchost.exe) and placing my default gateway in the programs list.
    Google serches and Microsoft Support web site, plus a little bit of logical thought processes did the trick. Maybe I did not explane my situation througherly, but I thought I might of had at least one feedback responce. I have recently became A+ certified and will continue to read forums and try to help members who post problems.
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