Action Replay MAX Evo upgrades your 8mb memory card for ps2

By FinalTouch
Jan 9, 2008
  1. Hi this will be my first post, I tried to google if there is an existing information about this well I cant find any so I decided to share this info ^_^

    I just purchased an action replay max evo not for cheating purpose but for copying and downloading files from the internet using a usb flash driver (not the max drive) into my memory card and it works fine (via ps2). One thing I tried while I was messing around with it is I formatted my 8mb ps2 memory card using ARMAX EVO then I found out that then I noticed that the capacity of my memory card became 15,xxxkb which if you round of would be 16mb! So in my drastic discovery I purchased another 8mb memory card and formatted it and for some reason it became 32mb! I just wanted to let everyone know since ofcourse buying a cheaper memory card and using armax evo is just like a software firmware update.

    note: Pls backup your files for safety before trying. I had tested this on 2 memory cards of mine and my colleague tried it as well and it works fine. We are not sure if this will work for ps2 that are not modified but ours are modified anyways. Enjoy ^_^
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